Your face is a picture with this retro colour trend

We may be on the cusp of 2020, but the ’90s beauty revival is going nowhere. The latest hair trend to re-emerge? Bold bleach sectioning around the face to frame it, paired with a centre part and a rave-tastic palette…

There’s no doubt that the Spice Girls had a huge influence on the must-have fashion and beauty looks of the late ’90s. Some 25 years and several reunion tours later, Baby’s bunches, Posh’s bob and Scary’s space-bun ‘horns’ have all become nostalgia-tinged reference points for today’s trend-driven crowd. But in recent months, one final Spice-inspired look has come to the fore, and this time it’s rooted in colour.

She may have been Ginger by name, but Geri’s hair trademark throughout the girl-group’s stratospheric rise was her bold-as-brass bleached bangs. Now, her distinctive look has been reinvented for the Insta generation with the addition of a radioactive edge. For Gen-Z, it’s all about the face-framing brights.“Those 90’s bleach bangs are a personal favourite of mine,” admits Carl Bowes, manager at Bleach London Berwick Street. “The look is strong and bold, and by simply adding a bleach fringe it changes your hair as a whole.”


“The look is totally rock and roll,” adds Joel McCauley of Slunks in Cardiff, “especially when it clashes with your base colour. People who are always pushing for the next cool hair idea or look have been really embracing this trend. These are the sort of looks that keep our jobs interesting and fun.”

As well as acknowledging its retro origins, Joel believes the trend’s resurgence is a natural result of the balayage boom. “If you look at how big balayage has become, the one thing that stands out is the mantra: ‘It’s all about the money piece’,” he explains, referring to the placement of lighter strands around the face. “It’s no different with alternative colours; it’s all about being bold and making a statement. Yes, it’s straight from the ’90s, but the modern twist means the colours are more refined and – importantly – picture ready.”

It may be simple enough to create in the salon, but the real question when it comes to colour crazes is longevity. Is this a passing fad, or a look to invest in?

“This is something that I feel will never go out of fashion,” says Carl. “It’s a real starting point for people wanting to experiment, whether it’s a more tonal, complementing shade or a complete colour clash.”

“The best thing about this look is that you don’t always have to use bold, bright colours,” adds Joel. “Just by changing the tone of the front panels you can create a really cool effect. Even a simple global colour can be given a modern twist by changing only the front panel tones, and taking them a few shades lighter or darker. It frames the face and makes the overall style look more interesting.

“It’s so simple, but so effective,” agrees Carl. “Thanks Ginger Spice!”