Yes, sheet masks for your hair are now a thing

Layered Online editor Amanda luurves a sheet mask. But on her hair?
Let’s give this golden puppy a play…

Full disclosure: I am a K-beauty obsessive. When my publisher flies off to Seoul, she’s armed with my shopping list. I buy from sites that import the latest Tony Moly launches. Anything for that poreless, dewy, K-beauty gorgeousness, I’m ready to do the work. So sheet masks have been part of my life for a good five years or more (that’s my current collection you’ll see pictured. I also have lip, eye, feet and hand sheet masks. DO NOT JUDGE ME). Yes, they make excellent Instagram fodder (the gold ones especially) but most importantly, they give you an instant result, hence why I opted for Charlotte Tilbury’s dry sheet mask ahead of Creative HEAD Magazine’s Most Wanted and It List Awards this year (Charlotte Tilbury liked my Tweet. I squealed inside).

Hair care often follows in beauty’s immaculate footsteps. Micellar water? Yup, we’ll pop that in shampoo. Facials for your scalp? Yu-huh. Now, wave hello to Redken’s new All Soft Mega Recovery Tissue Mask Cap. I AM TOTALLY HERE FOR THIS.

Side note: Redken is a brand to always keep your eye on if you love an innovation. It was one of the first to bring out an air-dry cream (No Blow Dry – in fact, there are three of them), has the scalp exfoliator Diamond Oil Glow Dry Scrub and a cracking shampoo chock-full of micellar water technology too (Clean Maniac). So it surprised me not a jot that Redken was the one serving up sheet masks for your strands. What might be next…?

Anyway, I had to have this mask in my life. As I have moaned about previously, my hair is fluffy and rather wrecked, thanks to my regular bleaching habit. I need to use serious hair masks on the regular to keep it attached to my head. So I’ll admit I was excited when I read this mask was not only for seriously dry hair, but for PUFFY hair. Puffy, yes that’s it. That’s the descriptor I’ve been looking for…

I hopped in the shower and shampooed (I didn’t have the rest of the All Soft Mega range, so I stuck with Redken and used Diamond Oil Glow Dry shampoo). I pressed a towel lightly all over and tore open the brown envelope to reveal… A GOLD SHOWER CAP! Dayum! They’ve thought of the Instagrams – kudos.

Inside you can see the “sheet mask” element, all squidgey and gooey with goodness. I twisted my hair up in a chignonny way, and wrestled the cap over. There’s a sticky tape that you pop on to secure when you’re all in. It advises that you then massage to encourage full on hair/mask interaction, but this kept making my sticky tape ping across the bathroom, so perhaps do that bit before you tape your cap on. I then settled down to read the new issue of Allure, while my husband rolled his eyes from his half of the sofa. Whatever, dude.

Instructions said to leave it on 5-10 minutes; I got really into a profile on Dakota Johnson and a feature on stretch marks and realised 20 minutes had whooshed by. I massaged one last time, and hopped back into the shower.

It was easy to rinse out, and as I didn’t have the new Hydramelt leave-in conditioner (Redken – call me! This sounds amazing…) I found some Davines Love Hair Smoother. Now, I only blow dry my bleached hair when absolutely necessary, and as I was doing before-and-after photos (and I have no patience and wanted to see the results) I got the dryer out.

And? Well, my hair was certainly a bit smoother, but it still needed some finishing cream to de-puff my ends (I used Bumble and bumble’s Brilliantine). Yet, the next day was when my “impressed” levels shot up – my hair felt noticeably softer, and the puffiness had not returned.

Thoughts overall? At £10, this might not be a weekly routine (at around £5, your regular face sheet masks are a bit more of a cheap treat) but I would certainly use this as a pre-event pamperer, like my beloved Charlotte Tilbury dry sheet masks, and perhaps a quarterly top-up to boot. It’s certainly made me curious about the rest of the new All Soft Mega range for the puffy-haired. And who can say no to a bit of gold…?