The CurlBar from Hot Tools Professional is a £100 gold-plated, vibrating, cordless drill-looking styler that promises to make curling better than ever in the salon. Hmmm, convince me, says Layered’s Amanda Nottage

It’s what you’re thinking right? WTF? It’s what I was thinking when I saw the Hot Tools Professional 24k gold plated, right-angled CurlBar in a hair magazine in the US in January… and it’s now hit UK salons. For fans of waves and curls, will this be life-changing to lengths?

To the official blurb – surely this will explain everything. Let’s see what they have to say:

“Forget everything you know about curling hair with a wand” (good, I always burn my fingers). “Now there’s a new innovation that’s easier than ever to create perfect results in minutes.” Hmmm. Keep talking

“Its ergonomic design and 90-degree angle eases the strain on the arms and wrists by keeping the wrist and arm at a natural position while styling, providing a more comfortable user experience.” Sounds promising, especially if you have long hair/thick hair/long AND thick hair. You may continue…

“The Vibrating Curl Timer allows for each and every strand of hair to receive the exact same heating time for a consistent curl and perfect form no matter the hair type.” Vibrating? I’m still reading about a hair tool, right…?

“It features the Hot Tools award-winning 24k Gold Styling Surface.” What now? GOLD? And no cheap ass 9k nonsense either? Now you have my full attention – momma loves a little bling

OK, let’s break it down. The gold means the heat is even all the way up the styler, and stays that way. The vibrating pulse effectively means it gets hot, then stays hot. And the 90-degree drill design means your wrists won’t get as tired. Cool, that all sounds wonderful. It costs £100, and comes in 25mm for Kylie-in-the-80s curls or 32mm for Gisele-in-the-00s bounce.

However, this is primarily a professional tool for hairdressers, so what do they think of it? Well, Robert Eaton from Yorkshire’s Russell Eaton salons was so impressed with it, he agreed to become the brand’s ambassador in the UK (those lovely black and white model shots are his handiwork). This guy was the Most Wanted Colour Expert of 2016, so he’s got skills.

“When I first saw the CurlBar I was quite surprised by the design of it because it’s very futuristic looking. The shape is so unique and so different from what we, as stylists, are used to,” he admits. “I did think it would take some practice to adjust my styling technique. However, as soon as it was in my hands, I realised that it’s definitely not a gimmick. It’s a seriously clever and very cool piece of equipment. Once I started using it, I genuinely thought: ‘Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before!’.”

He explains that the design makes sense when you use the CurlBar, as the idea behind it is to make it easier to create curls without all the hassle of trying to work at odd angles – no more awkward reaching around to get to the back of your head. “As a stylist, it does reduce a lot of the strain on my arms thanks to the angle of the handle and it’s really lightweight,” adds Robert. “It has definitely upped our curling game!”

Now then, some #realtalk. Remember, this is for professional hairdressers, so if you want to get your mitts on it, you have to order it via a Hot Tools Professional salon. We had a few of those salons partying at our Big Hair Do – and see how much those stylists and clients loved the CurlBar…

So, there we have it. Could be an excellent Christmas present for any long-haired sister – just imagine their face once that’s unwrapped on 25 December! Ho, ho, ho…