Wicked! The ’90s are back – but how do we wear the haircuts?

Most of today’s It Girls were just babies back in the 1990s, but that hasn’t stopped them taking inspiration from the decade and making it modern. This was the era of the Supermodels, and Linda Evangelista was forever changing the cut and colour of her won’t-get-out-of-bed-for-less-than-$10k-a-day look. What does this mean for you in 2017? Well, short bangs, blunt bobs, pixie cuts and layers are all back and cooler than ever – so we asked the experts how to make them work in 2017…

Blunt bob

Why it’s a trend: "Celebrities like Cameron Diaz showcased this look back in the ‘90s and lots of women are reverting to this style," explains Ross Charles, founder of Ross Charles Hairdressing in York. "This is ideal for women on-the-go with limited styling time." Luke Hersheson's cut (pictured) was inspired by Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks, which is back on our screens this summer.

Who it suits: "A lot of different faces and hair types - if your hair is fine you can create the illusion of thicker hair by having the ends cut straight across."

How to update it for 2017: "Keep the length uniform and avoid too many layers around your face. Ask your stylist for straight across scissoring and if your hair is really thick or curly, ask them to soften the edges."

Image: Hershesons


Why it’s a trend: 
It seemed that for five years solid, EVERYONE had The Rachel. "Layers in the 90s were a lot harsher," remembers Neil Barton, Goldwell ambassador and owner of Neil Barton Hairdressing in Edinburgh. "You can add volume and texture. The contouring trend is huge, and layers can be used to compliment face shape."

Who it suits: "For those with thick or curly hair, layers can make the hair more manageable. For those with thin hair, layers can be more risky – make them soft to avoid looking flat."

How to update it for 2017: "The idea of layers is to frame the face - have some shorter layers around the face and bring them longer towards the ends.  Make sure you don’t get your layers cut too short."

Image: @mrchrismacmillan

Pixie crop

Why it’s a trend: "I'm already torrrnnn..." Manic pixie (cut) dream girl Natalie Imbruglia inspired millions to crop off their layers. Will we all be Torn/shorn again? "These cuts are always edgy, sexy and cool and are so easy to manage," says Suzie McGill, international artistic director at Rainbow Room International.

Who it suits: "Cropped styles suit any age. Longer faces or those with a larger forehead should choose a style that has less volume, is softer or with a fringe swept over the face. Round faces look best with more volume on top or are slightly longer."

How to update it for 2017: "Ruby Rose's cut, with short graduation from the side and back and more length on top, is popular. Ensure your stylist thins the hair, as thick or curly hair can look ‘pouffy’." 

Image: @rubyrose

High fringe

Why it’s a trend: "Short fringes update any look," says Karen Thomson, owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa in Lossiemouth. "They are a great way to instantly change your hairstyle without having to cut all your hair off.”

Who it suits: "For rounder faces, I would recommend staying away from blunt bangs, as they can make the face look wider. For angular or square faces, it’s best to stick with bangs with some softness. Very thin hair should stay away from blunt fringes, opting for ‘curtains’ instead."

How to update it for 2017: "Stay away from the side fringes that were popular and keep to straighter styles. Also, ensure your bangs are sleek and straightened."

Image: @bellahadid

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