Why Glazing is Amazing

We’re obsessed with the kind of gleam that’s set to full beam

Hair by Asha Lahel, Cristina Fazzone, Jason Allen and Rheanna Wood 

Scroll your feed and you’ll know the kind of hair that is winning all the likes right now – it’s super glossy, super shiny healthy-looking hair (it’s the continuation of glass hair and liquid hair trends). But how are people nailing it? It’s called glazing, and it’s THE colour trend for 2022, because it’s so versatile. How? Let us count the ways…

Hair by Ronan Donadon 

It’s a perfect baby step for a first timer

Still rocking the colour nature gave you? That’s cool. Lots of people are put off colour for two main reasons: that it could damage hair, and it means an expensive commitment. Hair brands have been listening, because all the big colour innovations are obsessed with being damage free and turning the shine up to 11.

Landing in salons right now is Shinefinity from Wella Professionals, which gives you the chance to test drive a shade that promises zero damage and zero ‘lift’ (which means lightening), meaning no roots that will need to be dealt with regularly. It fades true to tone too, meaning you won’t get a dodgy hue or an immovable stain.

It’s a great top up in between appointments

Lived-in colour trends got big thanks to all the lockdowns, and it takes the pressure off keeping up with those roots. But sometimes, a couple of months after that balayage appointment, hair can look a little too lived in, if you know what we mean. That’s where glazing comes in, as a quicker service in between the big colour appointments. Because glazes are great toners, it’s quick and it will freshen up the look you love.

Blonde? Then get playful

Speaking of toning, if you’re blonde, you’ll know how vital that toner is to getting an Instagram worthy finish. Glazes also give you the chance to play with tones and shades subtly without any major transformations. “I love the idea that I can turn my balayage client a little bit peachy and then perhaps make her a little bit cooler,” says Zoë Irwin, UK colour trend expert at Wella Professionals and creative director at John Freda.

Hair by Abbie Grant 

Damage is off the menu

Another post-lockdown trend has been the move to embracing what is healthier for us. And that’s a big point with Shinefinity from Wella Professionals – it promises zero damage, so that trend for healthy-looking hair can also tempt those who want healthy hair on the inside too. It will also be a bonus that it has a clean formula (no ammonia, silicones, drying alcohols or animal-derived ingredients) and it arrives in sustainable packaging.

Feel the need, the need for speed

Another post-lockdown trend? Obsession with time – we do not want to be stuck in a salon chair for h-o-u-r-s. Glazing is amazing because it is fast – just 10 minutes for some services, 20 minutes for others if you want a more intense result. It means a lunch hour luxe-up is entirely possible…

Hair By Kat Duke 

It’s a brilliant way to experiment

Pinterest has identified rebellious hair as a serious trend for 2022, and with fewer people now working full time in an office, it means more of us have the freedom to do something a bit different. Glazing gives you a chance to test drive a bit of creative colour in the salon – a smidge of rose, a soupçon of smoky lilac – that might mean a more adventurous experiment in the future. Maybe Very Peri is in your future…?


It looks expensive!

Right now, it’s all about ‘expensive hair’, with beauty editors from places such as The Telegraph highlighting this trend. That means super shiny, chic shades and healthy-looking locks that have been primed and preened so that the gloss is the boss. “It’s expensive looking hair and everyone wants hair to look expensive,” agrees Arif Ariksan from Alice and the Hair in Derby. Hérmes Birkin bag not included…


Zoë Irwin’s glazing trends for 2022

Trend #1: Spiced Cinnamon Red

“People are wanting to go warmer, because we’re coming out of a time of generally a flatter base across everything. These tones are super flattering. Even when you have a high pink content, it makes this trend very wearable. I’m talking bronzed maple, burnt amber, maple russet, cayenne ocra and glazed sienna in the salon at John Frieda.

“The reason these trends are rising is because of our continuing love ‘70s, where the palette is very warm, it’s quite nostalgic in times of trouble. We look to something that makes us feel a lot warmer, a lot calmer, and that’s why the rise of the 70s is so huge.”

Hair by Gustav Fouche 

Hair by Veronica Wysocka 

Trend #2: Cashmere Blonde

“What’s very interesting is how the nude palette has changed. For example, with nudes I looked at Kim Kardashian’s underwear range Skims and the huge range of tones. This changing nude palette is going to massively affect hair colour and the inclusivity of different skin tones… as it should have been a million years ago!

“When I talk about cashmere, it’s because cashmere is luxury. We’ve been wearing more cashmere than ever because of lounge wear in lockdowns – such as £300 trackpants! That word ‘cashmere’ instantly makes it chic.

“Any kind of mushroom tones have been massive within hair colour – almond blush, glazed mica and muted coral. You really get the sheerness of it.”

Hair by Asha Lahel


PHOTOGRAPHY: Lily Craigen, assisted by Richie Barker
MAKE-UP: Tricia Woolston using Urban Decay and Fenty Beauty, assisted by Jayne Ionica and Margherita Fabbro
FASHION ACCESSORIES: Issie Gibbons at Stella Creative Artists, assisted by Matilda Oliver

PRODUCTION: The Creative Partnerships Team at Creative HEAD
IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: Wella Professionals using Shinefinity
SHOT AT: Electric Space
STAGING: Sync Studio