Why Emily in Paris is THE show for spring hair inspo

From Emily’s perfect glossy waves to Sylvie’s classic Parisian chic vibe, there’s a whole host of reasons why we’re taking hair inspiration from
Emily in Paris for the coming season.

Emily in Paris is the perfect escape in dreary winter, with zingy fashion, hilarious situations, and a whole heap of comfort. On top of all that you have some SERIOUSLY chic hair moments – and we’re not the only ones who have noticed…

Emily in Paris is total escapism,” agree Darren and Jackie Ambrose, founders of D&J Ambrose in Pinner. “With the lack of movements in fashion and hair over the last two years, and changes to consumer mindsets, this modern take on the Sex and the City vibe is the epitome of living your best life! It’s refreshing  to see how it’s inspiring to make the most of yourself and upgrade and revamp your image, big or small.”

Here is our ode to some of the fabulous looks created by hair and make-up supervisor Odile Fourquin

Emily’s Bountiful Waves

Emily can see be seen with her signature big, high-shine waves throughout much of season two. “You can tell a lot about Emily’s personality from her hair,” says celebrity hairdresser Jay Birmingham. “She is known for being glamorous, a perfectionist and slightly uptight. There is never a hair out of her place when she wears her bouncy waves to convey this message.”

While actress Lily Collins obviously has several helping hands to achieve the look on the show, Emily Dyer at KH Hair in Nottingham promises that the waves are actually fairly easy create. “Emily’s gorgeously glossy waves and curls are the envy of many a client, but actually not too difficult to achieve. Think easy blow out hair; low maintenance, simple, chic and classy,” she says. “This look has been trending on TikTok with people achieving Emily-style curls at home using a hot brush tool. The Dyson Air Wrap, ghd rise and Babyliss 9000 Cordless Hot Brush are perfect choices.”

Emily’s Elegant Beehive

Alongside the signature waves, we’ve also been treated to some epic up-do moments from Emily, as she explores her style more. “Season two shows Emily totally leaning into life in Paris. She is feeling more comfortable with her colleagues, is enjoying creating a life for herself and is embracing Parisian style,” comments Leo McCallum, owner of Roar Hair and Beauty in Glasgow. “The episode with her gorgeous ponytail and hair scarf combination was iconic, with the exact right placement for the hair scarf as it weaves into her ponytail.”

It’s a great way to take a look from day to night, and Lisa Eccles at Zinc Hair and Beauty in Dublin has some suggestions for trying out the style. “Simply brush through the hair with a paddle brush and tease the crown area to create some height. Add Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray for buildable volume and secure a low pony with an elastic. Finally, add that extra wow with a silk headband tied into a bow at the back.”

Sylvie’s Parisian Chic

Timeless, effortless class that is somehow still cool – it could only be Sylvie. She epitomises the classic je ne sais quoi of Parisian women, where effort has clearly been made but it still looks effortless. There’s no doubt she’s in charge.

James Alfie Parr, Nashwhite’s style specialist in Warwickshire, agrees. “The Parisian layered look is so on-trend, and I have clients who are asking for it in the salon right now,” he says. “I absolutely love the effortless finish of her perfectly undone hair – a soft, long layer gives the ideal amount of shape and movement without looking overly styled.”

Alfie recommends randomly tonging the hair in opposite directions, so it’s not too uniformed, leaving the ends and the root out, before spraying the hair using a lightweight hairspray. “My go-to for this is the Davines No Gas hair spray. Once set, start to comb the hair out using a wide tooth comb. The key to this style is ensuring that there isn’t too much body but still making sure there is separation.”

Camille’s Kate Moss Muse

A French twist on Kate Moss’ understated cool, Camille really stepped things up for season two! “Coquettish Camille is definitely the star of this season,” says Andrea Daley, creative director at Barbara Daley Hair in Liverpool. “She’s taking Parisian glam to the next level with grunge-inspired street style; her edgy wet-look in episode six bring us right back to the ‘90s. Cool Camille is the one we all want to be right now, and her fashion-forward hairstyles only cement her status as Paris’s It Girl for 2022!”

“Camille is also here to show us that leaving your hair to air dry does actually make it look cool and interesting, and not totally unkempt,” agrees Gabriella Agrusa at Blushes in Cheltenham. “When air drying, we love to add a palmful of bodifying mousse to the hair via a paddle brush, distributing evenly, before aiding the drying time with a sock diffuser that is lightly wafted around the head to give the hair a little root lift. A few flips upside down and a scrunch here and there, et voila – you’re done!”

Mindy’s High-Glamour Showgirl

Mindy’s living her best life and tapping into the maximalism trend that’s exploding after two years of Covid restrictions. “It’s safe to say the girls are coming in HAUTE!” agrees Justin Ishoka of Ishoka Hair and Beauty in Aberdeen. “Developing individual fashion styles for each character means every woman who watches the show can instantly relate to one of them, and hair trends are popping off left right and centre.”

Kevin Paul Finnell, creative director of F&M Hairdressing in Barrhead, notes her new-found sense of style for season two: “We’ve noticed Mindy opt for a much more polished look in the new season, while still opting for a variety of hair ups and classic styles seen in the first season. Perfectly polished and carefully preened, Mindy’s classic waves and brushed through curls are similar to that of Emily, yet feature much more volume and make more of a statement.”

Go full-showgirl like Mindy with bouncy blow-outs and accessories, whether that’s hats or ponytails with artfully-arranged curls to frame the face. Feel free to express yourself and try new things!

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