Which ‘90s hair throwback squad are you in?

You can’t miss the ‘90s trends which have taken over the fashion and beauty scene. Whether you’re channelling Cher’s preppy Clueless look or are leaning into the manic pixie dream girl aesthetic embodied by elfin Winona Ryder, we want to know – which ‘90s hair squad do you claim allegiance to?

Team Fluffy

Led by halo-haired Cher herself, this vibe is all about polish-without-perfection. With lots of volume at the roots and crown, the hair needs to be able to be parted with a casual rake of the hand; nothing too sharp. Think ‘90s supermodels and effortless all-American beauty.

Be sparing with mousse and hairspray for that airy feel, and instead reach for old-school heated rollers to achieve that enviable bounce, or tease out existing curls for an intentionally fluffy finish.

Team Bixie

This bob-pixie hybrid was THE look sported by the leading ladies of the ‘90s. Those gamine, short looks that weren’t quite a cropped pixie, but were still too short to be a bob? Spiky and textured, they graced the heads of Winona Ryder, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, and Halle Berry – to name a few!

Despite the maintenance required to keep the length just-so, the Bixie vibe is one of carefree cuteness with an edge that is ideal for those with fine or medium-textured hair. Modern texture sprays and clay or putty textured products will help deliver that mussed look with ease.

Team Baby Braids

Keeping it cute, we’re loving the resurgence of this sugary-sweet look. Placement is crucial here, you need the braids to be anywhere from the very front of your hairline to above your ears to be easily visible and mark you as a tribe member.

You want to make sure the braids themselves are tight and sleek. Use a little lightweight styling cream on strands before you start braiding to help control them. Take a cue from Margot Robbie and Hailey Bieber by finishing them off at your jawline to help emphasise your bone structure.

Team Pin-straight

Members of this tribe are wedded to their hot tools. To keep the look especially ‘90s rather than 00’s, try bevelling the ends in towards the face for a polished finish, or flick them out for more of a fun look. Think young Kate Moss and the shimmering lengths of Naomi Campbell for inspiration.

Tech has come on leaps and bounds over the last 30 years, which means straighteners are better for your hair than ever – some are even powered by steam! Regardless of how you’re heating your hair, it’s always crucial to use a heat-protector spray liberally as you prep the hair.