What you NEED to know before going red

The leaves are turning brown, the light is a little more golden and low, but when it comes to autumnal hair colours it’s all. About. RED! Not Another Salon has five no-nonsense pointers for anyone wanting to keep their (fake) fiery locks looking fierce…

The fieriness WILL fizzle out

To maintain a beautiful cerise or copper, you need to understand that beauty fades, but preventing it is simple! As red pigments have larger molecules than most colours and cannot easily penetrate or be retained by your individual hair strands, you need to keep their levels topped up. Colour depositing conditioners not only smooth the cuticle but at the same time add more pigment into the hair to keep your red looking fresh.

A salon-bought direct dye will be
your new BFF

In the battle against the fade, you have one true ally. If you really want to keep your colour looking fresh between appointments, use a direct dye purchased from the salon after shampooing and prior to conditioner. This will pump up the pigment levels even more and keep you (almost) looking like you have just left your hair appointment!


Heat styling? Not so hot

Every time you use heat appliances on your coloured hair you are dancing with the devil! Particularly with vibrant red shades, it is crucial that you use heat protection products to prevent fade and damage. A good option is Redken Ironshaper.

Lay off the lather

Wash your hair every other day? STOP! Every time you shampoo, you are washing your expensive colour down the drain, quite literally. Be gentle when cleansing your hair and if you really want to prevent fade, try to cut back to washing your hair just once a week.

Ask the experts

Don’t be scared to ask your stylist questions! They know the ins-and-outs of your hair colour (and what was used to create it) better than anyone. Quiz them on the right home care products for you. Outright ask them why your colour may be fading faster than you anticipated. Check how frequent your appointments should be to keep your red looking its best. The answers to these questions and more will help you maintain healthy hair, and healthy hair means long-lasting, beautiful colour.


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