What you NEED to know before going black

It’s officially spooky season! Between the goth girlfriend aesthetic (thanks Kourtney!) and autumnal evenings, are you feeling an inescapable urge to paint it black? We spoke to award-winning colourist (and aptly named) Sarah Black, who shared four hard truths about switching to the dark side…

Once you go black, it’s hard to go back!
When it comes to getting away from black, you’ll most likely have a journey on your hands. “Subtle differences are definitely achievable, but anything on the lighter side, you should be prepared to have multiple sessions at the salon,” explains Sarah. “And also be prepared for the financial commitment of the services and home care too,” she adds.

Deep hues are the new black
“I would say there is a very small percentage of people that actually suit black hair,” Sarah admits. So, how can you avoid the Morticia Addams look? “Have that discussion with your colourist, and maybe consider injecting a ‘second glance tone’. Plums, reds or even greens can be a lot softer… and often more fun!”

Hair by Sarah Black

Black box avoider
Seriously, avoid reaching for a box colour. “Your salon colourist will be able to avoid colour build up during your black phase,” says Sarah, “and this will help massively when you’re looking to change up your look!”

Don’t blackout
Remember that black colour won’t create dimension or texture in your hair, so it can end up looking really, really flat. “Unless you are rocking something like a chic Cleopatra bob or a long, Kim K look,” says Sarah, “black may not go hand in hand with your overall vibe.”

Hair by Sarah Black

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