What to do if your colour goes wrong

Get your hair colour back on track with these expert tips from queens of colour, Karine Jackson and eSalon’s Colour Ambassador, Danielle Llewellyn.

What to do when your colour goes wrong

I just coloured my hair and it’s a little darker than I wanted. What should I do?

“If your hair colour turns out darker than expected, immediately wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo”, advises Danielle. “Leave this shampoo on your hair for 5-10 minutes, rinse, then repeat as many times as necessary to slightly fade the colour. Finish the process with a deep conditioner.”

I just coloured my hair and my blonde is too brassy. What should I do?

“If your blonde shade has turned out too brassy, applying a neutralising shampoo or treatment can often help to correct this”, says Danielle. “A blue or purple pigment will help counteract the brassy or yellow tones in the hair and leave you with a cooler result. Try eSalons Tinted Love, Colour Enhancing Treatment Blonde Neutraliser, £11.”

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The grey hair around my face has turned out lighter than the rest of my hair. What should I do?

“Grey hair can be colour resistant, so it doesn’t always absorb colour like the rest of your hair might”, explains Danielle. “To prevent grey hair from turning out too light, apply the colour to your grey hair at the beginning of the application so it can process longer than the rest of your hair.”

I think it’s more serious and I don’t think I can fix it myself. Can the salon fix it?

“If your colour is hugely problematic then the chances are it won’t be fixed overnight”, explains colour expert Karine Jackson. “You need to consider that correction is going to be a journey. We’ll always be able to start you on that journey, but it may take a while to reach your dream destination. A good colourist will take you through this carefully and slowly so as not to damage your hair, but get you away from really poor colour as soon as possible.”

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Right, I’m off to the salon. Where should I begin?

Karine believes that consultation is key. “If the consultation is wrong, then nothing will be fixed. In my salons we offer clients the opportunity to have a consultation with me, but have another member of the team carry out the actual appointment. This is a great way to use my eyes and knowledge without having to pay my prices. So it’s always worth asking if you can have a consultation with the colour director, even if you end up booking with another team member. Every reputable salon will offer complimentary consultations so try a few places and fine someone you really click with and go from there. ”

Good luck!