What Layered Loved… In September 2021

We’ve been testing the latest and greatest products all month to make sure we can recommend only the best to you – ready your wallet in anticipation, these are the new hair products Layered Loved the most…

The last thing you want is to see you hard-earned cash going down the drain – literally – with colour results that simply do not last. Keep hold of your colour with JOICO Colorful, a new haircare range with truly impressive results. Combining antioxidantsand specialist technology to boost vibrancy, JOICO Colorful strengthens, repairs, and prevents fade with nourishing camellia oil and pomegranate extracts. The JOICO Colorful Glow Beyond Anti-Fade Serum is the star of the show.

RRP £17.75

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If you’re a brunette trying to keep your hair looking cool and ashy then you need something with more of a kick than your average purple shampoo. Schwarzkopf Professional has introduced Goodbye Orange shampoo, which contains a blend of blue and green direct dyes to neutralise warm tones instantly.

RRP £16.85

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ghd is continuing its incredible support for the charity Breast Cancer Now with its annual collaboration. With the message ‘Take Control Now’ etched into each tool, £10 from every ghd limited-edition pink purchase goes straight to Breast Cancer Now.

RRP from £149

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Keep your blonde locks in tip-top condition with the System Blonde range from ASP Luxury Haircare. With all the tools you need to maintain bright, beautiful blondes, you’ll be amazed at the difference in your colour results.  The System Blonde Anti-Yellow Deep Treatment Masque is our go-to of the range.

RRP from £10.50

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If you’re finding yourself short on time – whether that’s due to commuting in a morning once again, or needing to make the school run again – then we have a cheat code for you! The latest attachment for the Dyson Supersonic is ideal for creating a super-sleek, polished look in next to no time. The Flyaway attachment’s unique shape allows the high-speed airflow to pick up and smooth every strand easily, without needing a separate tool to straighten hair after blow-drying.

RRP £30 for the attachment

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Reboot your hair growth with Revlon Professional RE/START DENSITY. This skincare/haircare hybrid collection utilises cutting-edge technology to promote growth and keep hair strong. There’s home-care to supplement the intensive salon-based treatments for you to try, including this DENSITY Anti-Hair Loss Spray.

RRP from £11.95

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You might have heard of celeb favourite Phil Smith. Well, now you can grab his Smith England Professional range in salon, and is full of solutions for every type of hair. Vegan? Yes. Cruelty free and Leaping Bunny approved? Absolutely. And you can forget parabens, sulphates, colourants, mineral oils or genetically modified ingredients. All of the packaging is fully sustainable too – no mean feat!

RRP from £8

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