What Layered loved in… November

Each month, we’re inundated with the latest hair products (have we mentioned we love our jobs?), so let us share our findings with you on the regular. Here, we trawl through the haul from November to bring you the ones worth trying and buying. You’re welcome!

Crazy Color Pastels

Want a quick, cute way to update your hair for that all-important Christmas party? We've got just the thing: Crazy Color – the original colour punk – has brought out spray-in pastels that are perfect for dazzling. The shades – Bubble Gum, Marshmallow, Lavender and Peach Coral – will also be spot-on for any new year's eve shenanigans... 

RRP from £4.50
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R+Co Skyline

We're a fan of powder dry shampoos and this volumising one from R+Co will take your hair to new heights. Using a mineral compound called diatomaceous earth (say that three times – backwards), it absorbs dirt and impurities while adding grit, texture and that all-important oomph. It's perfect post-workout – we find you get the best results by pumping it into the palm of your hands first, rubbing your hands together and then dragging them through your hair. 

RRP £32
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Aveda Texture Tonic

Textured, tousled tresses are still very much on wish lists this Christmas, so ask Santa nicely and you might find Aveda's new Texture Tonic in your stocking this year.  The sass of salt and the softness of sugar combine to give you gorgeous, undone waves, while being 94 per cent naturally derived.

RRP £21
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Pureology Superfood Treatments

Prep for your January detox now with the Pureology Superfood Treatments. Superfoods for our skin and diet are nothing new, but now you can add them to your hair with these two treatments, designed to strengthen or hydrate your locks. The tubs are packed with antioxidants and superfood power, including avocado, olive and coconut oils. This is the kind of detox we can get behind.

RRP £26.50 each
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Wahl styling tools

For years, blokes up and down the country have enjoyed the precision perfection of Wahl tools, but now women can get in on the act as the brand has launched a range of styling goodies just for us! The new Styling Iron and Dryer are super-easy to use, as well as unfussy, powerful and reliable (pretty sure that also describes our ideal man). They’ve been co-designed by that talented duo Hooker & Young who know a thing or two about creating devastatingly gorgeous hair.  

RRP £120 each
Find out more HERE

Tangle Teezer

Happy 10th birthday to Tangle Teezer! There was a time when detangling our hair was a pain in the bum quite frankly, but that all changed when Tangle Teezer arrived on the scene. The two-tiered teeth system and clever design means our tresses can now be detangled with minimum fuss and damage. Celebrate with this brilliant limited-edition Original Styler in glittery purple.

RRP £11
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Fudge Professional dry shampoo

Fudge Professional has refreshed its Dry Shampoo with tapioca starch – something we didn't realise we needed in our dry shampoo until we read about it. The naturally absorbent material refracts light for a translucent appearance... perfect!

RRP £10.95
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Organic, natural haircare used to come with a hefty price tag, but this market is slowly becoming more accessible. Cue Insight – the Italian brand is now available in the UK and there’s a lot to get excited about. Each Insight range is tailored for specific hair types and needs, and all the products are paraben, petrolatum, colourant and allergen free. Also, the formulations contain its key active ingredient and major USP – ozonated water, which uses a purification process to remove any metallic extracts and bacteria. Science lesson over for the day...

RRP from £9.99
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