We’ve got the lunch hour hair hacks you need

There are often two types of hair salon appointments. First, the long, leisurely event where you’re having THE WORKS, and you’ll enjoy several cuppas and Lotus biscuits, thankyouverymuch. Then, there is the other kind… and it’s becoming more common. It’s about squeezing in everything that needs to be done – school runs, meetings, gym, wash and repeat… and only THEN thinking about slotting in those all-important salon appointments. So, we like to be helpful here at Layered HQ (that’s Hair Quarters) and deliver unto you solutions, not problems. We’ve scoured the UK for examples of just what can be achieved in the humble lunch hour. Take a sarnie and keep an eye on that clock…

Lunchtime treat? Styling masterclass 

How long does it take? 45 minutes

Tell us more... Available in all 51 UK Headmasters salons, the ‘Most Pinned’ Masterclass (£45) is perfect for the summer, and the hair brand was keen to make sure it gave clients the tools to re-create the looks they are pinning on Pinterest, YouTubing and Googling, all broken down into five simple steps with professional tips from the experts. From summer waves to waterfall braids, pick your look and get your learn on!

Lunchtime treat? Dry style

How long does it take? 15 minutes

Tell us more... Charles Worthington Salons provides 15-minute Dry Style appointments, letting you run in and out of the salon in a jiffy ready for afternoon or evening high jinx. It costs £20-£25, depending on the level of stylist, and you need to ensure you have freshly-washed hair. After that simply choose from a style using curling tongs, a loosely pinned half-up, braids or a very simple up do. You can go from desk to dance floor with no sweat!

Lunchtime treat? Flashes of colour or pastel tone with #COLORFULHAIR

How long does it take? This speedy service takes 20 minutes to develop, with prices starting from £25

Tell us more... New #COLORFULHAIR from L’Oréal Professionnel offers a range of eight unicorn-friendly pastels and vibrant colours for those looking to get a little experimental in their lunch hour. At 10-strong Yorkshire salon group, Westrow, there’s a service menu available that includes tasty temptations such as Candy Hair and Mermaid Hair. It’s worth remembering that hair, or sections of it, may need to be pre-lightened beforehand, depending on the look you want to achieve (prices and timings for this are on consultation).

Lunchtime treat? KeraStraight's Intense Boost treatment

How long does it take? 30 minutes

Tell us more... Think of this as a mini Brazilian blow dry, a step up from a regular blow-dry with a repairing, smoothing result that should last for 30 days. At Trevor Sorbie Salons this will cost £25, and you'd have to book a blow-dry starting at £40, but this price varies across the salons. It's all about boosting your hair with moisture and proteins, leaving it feeling revitalised and stronger. So, like a session at the gym, but for your hair.

Lunchtime treat? Water Colour

How long does it take? 55 minutes

Tell us more... Water Colour is a technique where colour is painted freehand onto wet hair at the basins, available at L’Oréal Colour Trophy winners Linton & Mac in Aberdeen. Stylists hand-paint the colour, which takes 10 to 15 minutes to apply, then just 20 minutes to develop, followed by a 20-minute blow-dry. The results are natural and divinely sun-kissed, and most importantly, can be achieved in less than an hour, saving you valuable time in the chair. This is LA in your lunch hour - we’re sold!

Lunchtime treat? Bespoke Fusio Dose treatment from Kérastase

How long does it take? 45 minutes with blow dry at seanhanna salons

Tell us more... Fusio Dose from Kérastase (£15 to £18, depending on which one you choose) is a tailor-made treatment – you choose your main hair worry (let’s say it’s baby fine hair) then pick your secondary (hmmm, we’ll go with damage). Hey presto, your stylist would choose the Densifique dose with the Resistance booster and spray onto the hair while you’re at the sink after your shampoo. It gets combed through and rinsed – et voila! All you need is a blow dry and you’ll have enviably swishy hair to return to the office with.

Lunchtime treat? Scalp facial

How long does it take? Less than an hour

Tell us more... Enjoy the Coconut Breeze Hair Spa Treatment (£80) at the iconic Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic in London, where your hair and scalp is examined by a trichotherapist to identify any issues. You’ll then be treated to a scalp facial and head massage, luxurious hair treatment and steam featuring the new Coconut Breeze Elasticizer, then a ‘healthy’ blow dry that highlights the ‘wow!’ condition of your hair. You’ll also walk away with a world full of bespoke scalp and hair advice, too. 

Lunchtime treat? Redken Express Color Bar

How long does it take? All under an hour

Tell us more... At dozens of Redken salons across the UK – just like Synergy Hair & Beauty in Studley – everything on the Express Color Bar menu is lunch hour doable. Think root touch-ups, colour camouflage for a few pesky greys and face-framing highlights – at Synergy, prices start at £15  and everything is under an hour or your money back! If you’d rather skip the official blow dry to make sure you get back to your desk in time you can, some of the Redken salons offer hairdryers to DIY it!

Lunchtime treat? A blow dry

How long does it take? From 45 to 60 minutes

Tell us more... There are 10 looks on the Toni&Guy blow dry menu to choose from (that’s the Paula you can see), and while prices vary across the UK, each Toni&Guy salon offers the service. Just what you need to swish back into the office to knock ‘em dead in that afternoon meeting!