Wearing a veil on your wedding day? Read this first…

To veil or not to veil – that is the question! And then, if you decide to veil, how do you wear it? We quizzed some of the top wedding hairstylists to get the lowdown…

Pick your style wisely

So, first thing’s first – you need to choose a hairstyle that will both look gorgeous AND work with the veil. “Classic and contemporary updos work best,” says Emma Leung, director at Kelly Leung Hair Design in Dublin. “Symmetrical looks with texture that hold the veil in place are great. A hidden french plait on the scalp underneath the upstyle is a good technique for keeping the veil clip in place – having a good foundation is very important, too. However, French rolls, hair all down and styles pulled around to the side don’t work as well with veils, in my experience.”

Keep it secure

“Super sleek styles don’t offer anything to grip onto, so the veil doesn’t have much staying power,” explains Tasha Stevens, colour director at Jamie Stevens Hair. “Backcombing is key to keeping it in place. Most veils come with a soft comb attached, so lightly backcombing the hair along the area where it attaches will keep it in.”

“I always put grips over the comb to ensure it doesn’t go anywhere, and create a backcombed area to slide the comb into, giving it plenty of hair to grip onto!” says Manchester-based stylist Rosie Briscoe.

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Remember the little things

Anna Sorbie, bridal hair and beauty specialist and founder of online bridal consultancy annasorbie.com, has plenty of experience with veils, and knows all too well the small details that people forget. Her top tips? “Make sure the position is correct, so practice whether it looks best at the front or the back of your head. It sounds simple, but make sure it is the right way round…!

Most veils are plain across the top, so buy a few decorative pins or flowers to finish the look. And beware of the weather; avoid standing outside when it’s windy, as the veil will have a mind of its own!”

Look after your veil

The beauty of veils is how delicate they are, so you need to be careful. “Remember to keep hairspray away from it, as you can accidentally set the veil and make it go hard,” says Rosie. “I often tell brides to hang their veil in the bathroom while they shower on the morning of the big day – the steam will help the any creases drop out.”

And you won’t be used to wearing a veil, so be aware of its length and weight to avoid any mishaps. “I think some brides underestimate the weight of veils, especially those that fall to the floor, so hair will need to be prepped accordingly,” says Tasha. “Most brides take the veil off after the ceremony as they can be quite difficult; if they’re long then guests will inevitably stand on it, and at some point it could fly straight out. If the veil is short then it can catch when you’re greeting guests and pull by accident.”

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Train up your bridesmaids

When it’s time to say goodbye to your veil – ahead of some serious partying – it’s time to rely on your right-hand ladies. “Make sure your bridesmaid(s) knows how to remove your veil safely without damaging the style or messing the look!” says Emma. They’re there to make your day go smoothly after all, so make sure that they know what’s up.


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