Want good hair? We’ve got the handbook

We all want great hair with minimal stress – here at Layered Online, it’s what we strive to serve up! So hats off to fellow soldier in the fight against frizz, king of effortless hair himself, Luke Hersheson, and his beautiful new hair handbook. Santa, we know what we want for Christmas…

Legendary hairdresser Luke Hersheson’s new book – Great Hair Days & How to Have Them – is like every good hairdressing tip you’ve ever received distilled into one beautiful package. There has been something defiantly modern, fresh and utterly wearable about the hair that the Hershesons brand creates, and it makes total sense that Luke has been trusted to deliver a hair handbook for today’s stylish woman. With an introduction from the much-loved beauty editor Sali Hughes, and a foreword written by a little-known designer by the name of Victoria Beckham, you already know that this will be full of brilliant insider advice. “The foreword was an amazing moment, totally out of the blue. She was the cherry on top,” Luke admits of the unexpected note from La Beckham, his longtime client and friend.

But why write a book now when he’s juggling an epic new salon destination (above), a baby and a crazy schedule of editorial work? “There’s so much information out there, that it felt like the right time to distil it down to something tangible. And books are feeling special again now,” Luke explains. “We know that hair can really make your day or ruin it, that’s the power of hair. There are loads of tutorials on YouTube, but there’s very little out there about hair that talks to the fashion-conscious woman…

“It’s also about empowering women to feel that they can handle their hair better,” he continues. “I get quite annoyed that a lot of product companies make women’s lives harder, with all the jargon and spin about products, over-promising and under-delivering. Let’s cut the crap, you don’t need a million products. If a hairdresser is confused, what about clients?”

Amen! With this book to hand, you can finally have all the answers for life’s hair conundrums, such as nailing cool occasion hair or how to find the right hair colour (and colourist). Game-changing advice is set against a backdrop of fresh, diverse and beautiful hair photography with a pinch of attitude that won’t be out-of-date in six months. It’s all housed in a satisfyingly chunky, but not unwieldy, hardback book – which would make a perfect Christmas present or stocking stuffer for any stylish woman in your life, frankly. Sister? Mum? BFF? Perfect timing, Luke – thank you.

Great Hair Days & How to Have Them is published by Ebury Press, RRP £20.