Wait, now the mullet’s back too??

The ’80s have called and would like their mullet back. Is this iconic style really back in trend? 

It’s not lost on us here at Layered Online that we’ve recently run a story about one ’80s style being back, back, BACK! The perm? Most def. Well, now it’s perhaps the most maligned haircut of all… the mullet! (AUDIBLE GASP)

From Lethal Weapon-era Mel Gibson to England footballer Chris Waddle, the mullet was THE look of the ‘80s… then soon became the detested, dated reminder of everything we disliked about the decade. Is there any quicker way to visually scream “EIGHTIES!” than a mullet? Maybe a ra-ra skirt, or Pac-Man?  Like every decade in fashion, the ‘80s time in the spotlight has returned thanks to a shift in music culture where stars such as Miley Cyrus and Barbie Ferreira have been seen sporting the ‘do. 

Not only being sported by celebs, the mullet also made an appearance during the A/W2020 Edward Crutchley fashion show, as hair stylist Kota Suizu created a modern take on the ’80s ‘rock n roll’ look. Described as having a “lived-in feel,” the end style was created using three cult evo products – Shape Vixen, Gangsta Grip and Miss Malleable Flexible Hairspray. 

This time round, it’s all about versatility and soft texture, but can you make the mullet work for everyday wear? INNOluxe sponsored stylist, Georgia Bell, says: “Mullets can be as sharp or as soft as you’d like, but I think ultimately by keeping a little more length, and the disconnection softer, it gives you the option to play around more when it comes to styling and it just becomes a style that’s easy to wear everyday.”

Before taking the plunge, Georgia advises ensuring your hair is in top condition, as a healthy base of hair is crucial for cutting styles like the mullet. “If the hair is weak and unhealthy, the ends will fray.. And that’s not a look anyone wants!” To combat dehydrated tresses, she recommends using the Moisture Mask and Moisture Mist by KeraStraight. With regular use, they’ll bring a boost of hydration and moisture back into the hair, which creates a great place to start when restyling. 

For another more wearable option, Revlon Professional global influencer, John Vial, suggests that you could “wrap up the longer hair, pin and hide the underneath so you can’t see it which gives you a completely different look, effectively two haircuts in one.” John sees this look as having its roots in modern day LA, and he maintains is the start of a wider trend. “As you see in designer fashion, these hair trends start with the extremity and the idea gradually becomes commercial – I would call this look ‘West Coast Chic’,” he says, citing model Edie Campbell.

If you like the idea but are terrified by committing to such a cut, John recommends getting a wig: “Match it to your hair colour, cut a line in the back and pull your hair through like a ponytail and let go”. Et voila! A Thoroughly Modern Mullet.