Wait, now the mullet’s back too??

This was no short back and sides – the mullet was all business at the front, party at the back. Now, Salon Sloane co-founder and Revlon Professional global influencer, John Vial, makes the case for the mullet remastered!


It’s not lost on us here at Layered Online that we’ve had a run of stories recently about past hair crimes being back, back, BACK! Crimping? Yep! The perm? Most def. Well, now it’s perhaps the most maligned haircut of all… the mullet! (AUDIBLE GASP)

From Lethal Weapon era- Mel Gibson to England footballer Chris Waddle, the mullet was THE look of the ‘80s… then soon became the detested, dated reminder of everything we disliked about the decade. Is there any quicker way to visually scream “EIGHTIES!” than a mullet? Maybe a ra-ra skirt, or Pac-Man?  Like every decade in fashion, the ‘80s time in the spotlight has returned, thanks to a generation now obsessed with ‘80s fashion… so naturally,  it was only a matter of time until this iconic hair cut was resurrected too.

Any beauty fans online in the past couple of weeks will not have failed to notice the storm Salon Sloane’s John Vial stirred up when he posted a look he’d created for leading fashionista, Liliana Sanguino… who’s also the director of fashion for University of Westminster. When you find beauty magazines such as Allure, and even the pearl-clutching Daily Mail, taking interest, you know you’ve happened upon something important.

Of course, to those outside of such rarified fashion circles, this look might appear rather intimidating. But John, who’s also Revlon Professional’s global influencer (and isn’t he living up to his title right now!) believes that while this look is rather avant-garde, there are different ways of carrying this off. So perhaps don’t write it off just yet…

“We wanted to push the boundaries of creativity, I was thinking of Zaha Hadid and her famed architectural London Aquatics Centre, the sleek shape and structure,” John explains. “For a mullet – it is the balance of short and long. Liliana’s is a more extreme artistic interpretation, but the beauty is in the complete disconnect of long and short.”

Now, this all sounds incredibly impressive and chic, but how would John propose making this a more everyday, wearable take that a woman in, say, Wimbledon could rock? “There are options: you can sometimes wrap up the longer hair, pin and hide the underneath so you can’t see it which gives you a completely different look, effectively two haircuts in one.”


John sees this look as having its roots in modern day LA, and he maintains is the start of a wider trend. “As you see in designer fashion, these hair trends start with the extremity and the idea gradually becomes commercial – I would call this look ‘West Coast Chic’,” he says, citing model Edie Campbell. “This could be a reaction to the long, safe and classic hair styles that we have seen for some time now. For us, it’s a exciting time in hairdressing – you can see some major celebrities experimenting with their hair, such as Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart.”

For those of you who like the idea but are terrified by committing to such a cut, John recommends getting a wig: “Match it to your hair colour, cut a line in the back and pull your hair through like a ponytail and let go”. Et voila! A Thoroughly Modern Mullet. If you do give it a bash, please tag us into any Insta shots at @LayeredOnline!