Wait, what? The Perm is Back?!

Those words might sound terrifying for anyone who survived the ‘80s, but stay calm – the new generation of perms could persuade you to join the curl world

30 years is a long time for a style to suffer for crimes it committed back in the ’80s. Yes, there were some unfortunate moments – footballer Kevin Keegan springs to mind, shudder – but Cher, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Beals and even Justin Timberlake proved that a perm can be cool and certainly no barrier to global megastar status.

And now the perm is coming back – well according to the team at Hershesons. And they were one of the first UK pioneers of the blow dry menu, so they know a thing or two about hair trends. And if the perm is really coming back, we’re HERE. FOR. IT!

The trick is to forget everything you already knew about perms. The new Maxi Perm (pictured above) – wound on long rubber rods rather than perm rollers and delivering full-on, unapologetically big and lively curls like Carrie Bradshaw in the first series of Sex and the City – looks great with a simple, longer shape and needs no mousse to style it. Oils and creams help the hair feel softer and look more believable.

And then there’s the Braid Perm (pictured left). This is the one the Layered Online office is really excited about. Designed by Hershesons technician Lily Bunting-Branch, the 2018 perm is for those with fine, lifeless, hard-to-manage hair. Says Lily: “We use traditional perming lotions with high-grade organic formulations that are kinder to the hair – but apply them to braids versus rollers or rods. The result is super-soft, loose waves that alter the texture of the hair – making it look fuller and thicker and easier to style.” Swoon!


Over at Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty in London’s Covent Garden, Karine has launched a new technology perm called Think Curl from Organic Colour Systems (pictured above). Unlike traditional perms, Think Curl is ammonia- and thioglycoate-free (stay with us here) – instead it contains a special additive that changes the natural pH level of the hair, allowing your stylist to create a fresh, clean curl.

“I’ve had so many requests for perms and volumising services recently – around four a day,” admits Karine. “However, the perm is much softer and gentler now; I think the word ‘perm’ brings up connotations of that super curly, old-style perm but technology and taste has moved on.”

There you have it – four requests a day. There’s no denying it – it’s gonna be a curl’s world again. Let’s ride the wave together! Tell us what you think or share your perm pictures with us now by tagging us @LayeredOnline on Instagram.