Volume and curls and confidence, oh my!

Searching for length, volume or extra oomph? There’s a way you can have it all, thanks to a little helping hand from extensions. Sound too good to be true? Find out how six Layered Online readers got their hair confidence back… 

Not all of us are graced with thick and flowing tresses, and even those who are lucky enough to be rocking Rapunzel lengths can often struggle to style their hair on a daily basis. From heat damage to short and frazzled lengths, there’s a wide range of concerns which can impact our overall hair confidence and leave our locks feeling lack lustre. 

If this sounds all too familiar, it’s now easier than ever to achieve fuller, volumized hair which looks and feels in great condition. Thanks to a new generation of revolutionary extensions, hair can be transformed from short to long, or volume added to the areas which need it most. It’s even possible to change up your colour by adding a mix of shades to create a natural finish; the ideal option for helping combat over-processed tresses.


Don’t believe us? Celebrities like Dani Dyer and Love Island’s Amy Hart and Arabella Chi are the latest in a long-line of stars to use extensions as a way to switch up their style and feel their best when making television appearances. 

Having used Richy Stickees for their new look, the end result is natural and long-lasting, with quick and easy application in just 30 minutes. Sounds pretty perfect, right? 

And they’re not the only ones showing off their newly transformed tresses! Find out what happened when we spoke to six Layered Online readers about their experiences wearing extensions from a whole host of incredible brands. Get your sassiest hair flick at the ready… 

Laura, HJ Extensions – Newcastle

R: Image courtesy of Curvissa

My hair is very fine, short and wispy and I have oily roots with dry, brittle ends.  When I’m out and feeling too hot, particularly during the summer months, my hair can literally look like I’ve just stepped out of the shower; flat to my head, sweaty, limp and lifeless. Wearing Remi Cachet hair extensions gives me my hair confidence back.  My hair is full of volume and life. It has bounce and retains a curl better than my own hair ever could, so I heat style it a lot less frequently now. I spend less time doing my hair each day.

Having extensions has done wonders for the condition of my natural hair too, as I was originally drawn to them as a way to help to give my hair volume, as the quest to be so blonde left the ends of my hair snapped.  I’d hoped that by choosing the ombre style extensions that I would be able to go for a more natural, slightly grown out look and lay off the colour processing, and I’m so happy that it has worked! I have a few highlights through the top section and have ditched a full head colour. My natural hair feels so much stronger, healthier and looks in far better condition whenever I have my extensions changed.

Extensions give me the best of all worlds: full, volumised hair with a colour blend that looks incredibly natural. It’s lovely to have compliments on my hair, but it’s the best feeling when you know how great it looks yourself!

Natasha, Rainer Hair Couture – Great Yarmouth

My hair has always been very fine, and I’ve always struggled styling it. I felt that it never looked nice or glamorous and I never felt happy with how I looked. Having Balmain Paris Hair Couture extensions has made me feel confident in myself and attractive. I love that I can style my hair in any way I like, and it still looks good in a messy bun! I love my extensions and will continue to have them as long as I can. 

Steph, Skyler London  – London

The experience of having my Great Lengths extensions done was really lovely. I was so impressed because despite having so many different colours in my hair, the extensions used match up exactly to the different shades of my hair. The blend is literally perfect, which I’m so pleased with as I’ve had many extensions before, but the quality of this hair is great.

Becky, Rainer Hair Couture – Great Yarmouth  

My hair was in terrible condition after years of bleaching and using clip-in hair extensions. After all my previous experiences with extensions, I had given up home in finding ones that would last while being manageable and looking natural, that is until I found Balmain Paris Hair Couture. I was first introduced to its extensions more than two years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. In fact, friends and family have had them too after seeing my results – it’s money well spent in my opinion. 

Lisa Chilton, Lox of Love – Newton Ayecliffe 

My own hair is very fine, and I felt I had to keep it short because the longer it got, the finer it looked.

I wanted longer, thicker hair that I could try different styles with, so decided to try extensions from Remi Cachet. Now I absolutely love my hair! I cannot live without extensions now, there’s no going back for me. 

Isadora, Skyler London – London 

The team at Skyler London did an amazing job. I’ve gotten so much volume thanks to the Great Lengths extensions and the colours blends in perfectly. I have never been happier with my hair!