UV coloured hair is here

Just as we’re getting our heads round the weird and wonderful colour trends 2016 threw at us (it was the year of rainbow colour bleeds and metallic). There’s a new colour movement emerging that puts those fairly bright and bold looks in the shade…..quite literally.

Welcome to UV hair colour. That’s right, colour that glows when it’s under black light. Perhaps not everyone’s colour cup of tea, but surely a must-try for any clubbing fanatics.

As far as we know (but we love to be proven wrong so let us know via twitter if we’ve got this wrong) the only colourist doing it is the immensely wonderful LA based Guy Tang. He is a brand ambassador for Kenra – a US based professional hair brand that’s slowly making its way to our shores – and it’s their colour he has used to create this unique look.

When not seen under black light the colour is still really bold and bright but goes to a new level on the dance floor (how old do we sound?)!

Check out the full UV hair colour makeover video on Guy’s YouTube channel where not only can you be wowed by the full colour transformation but guess how old his model, Angelica is in the first 3 seconds of the video…we’re still stunned.