Highlights in 15 minutes? It’s possible…

Trevor Sorbie wants you to make the most of your lunch break and get your roots done – so what did our tester, Yanar, think of the speedy service?

What is it? Trevor Sorbie Root Blur – a colour service for the time poor. Which is almost everyone on earth, so read on.

What they say? There are four 15-minute colour services to choose from and each can be tagged on to either a cut or a blowdry.

Trevor Sorbie’s Technical Education Director John Spanton explained the Root Blur service is ideal for bridging the gap between appointments. “If you can’t get to the salon every six weeks but need to mask your regrowth this is ideal. If your regrowth is up to one inch we can colour the top T-section of the crown which instantly refreshes your look and buys you a bit of time so you can keep up appearances before your next visit.

There are 4 options to choose from. The Root Blur which will blend away regrowth along your parting, Balayage Blend where colour is hand-painted around the hairline to give an instant refresh. Shine Intensify, a gloss and shine treatment that acts like clear nail varnish on your hair, refreshing your all-over colour or Hi-Light Fix using foils to extend the lifespan of regular highlights.

What we say: When roots start showing their pesky silver heads I instantly get the shudders because if there’s one thing that makes me feel scruffy, it’s grey regrowth. Having said that, I hold off from booking a colour appointment for as long as possible (I love using root cover ups like these in between salon visits) simply because of limited time and budget. That’s why this treatment appealed.

Ryan used the consultation to see where my regrowth is worst, which is around my hairline, and how colouring around my parting can make a big difference to my overall look. I rarely wear my hair in a pony so leaving the lower layers of hair around the sides and back uncoloured was not going to be a problem.

The other advantage of this service is you can preserve any balayage or ombre colour you already have on your hair untouched. So the shades Ryan chose for my root blur not only matched my base colour but also complimented the ombre from my previous appointment a few months ago.

The colour application was indeed an impressive 15 minutes, painted on, and then I had a gloss treatment (this is optional) for 5-10 minutes at the backwash. I particularly liked how I was asked which shampoo I wanted used on my hair, which doesn’t always happen in salons.

Results: After possibly the best blow dry I’d ever had (just ask for Ryan Forsythe and you’ll have your best hair ever for several days after) I was impressed with my new look. The most important thing is the areas of hair most visible, most of the time, are the ones that got a new lease of life. The rest can wait until I book in for a full colour.

Plus, I love Trevor Sorbie’s flagship Covent Garden salon for its composed buzz – it’s a large place but never feels overly busy, overcrowded or ever hectic. It maintains a level of cool that’s unique for that size of salon.

Anything else to add? According to John, there’s a fine line between qualifying for this treatment and having to have a full colour service instead because regrowth is too long. So I would recommend readers not to prolong the wait and book this mini-colour service as soon as you need it.

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