Top of the crops – 4 ways to style short hair

It’s easy to get in a bit of a styling rut when you don’t have too much hair to play with. So we tapped up Nicole Iroh, creative ambassador at Headmasters, for some advice…

“This is a fresh take on Demi Moore’s iconic ’90s crop – the hair is wrap dried to reduce root lift and volume to create a tussled, effortless texture focussed around the fringe”

“A strong, statement crop that is super flattering for rounder face shapes due to its slimming silhouette. Using a small round brush, blow-dry hair up and away from the face, creating height. Apply a little Revlon Professional Style Masters Creator Matt Clay to fingertips and pinch hair around the hairline to define”

“Create a modern take on a classic ‘50s American silhouette. Hair is wrap dried and the fringe is blown out away from the face. Then simply add a satin band for a 2019 update”

“The iconic finger wave, for some retro Great Gatsby appeal. This is the perfect style for office to party looks – simply dampen the hair and add a little gel, such as the Revlon Professional Style Masters Creator Defining Gel.  Then, using a comb and your finger, push against the hair in differing directions to sculpt the shape along the hairline”

You can book in with Nicole at the Headmasters Great Portland Street salon in London HERE.