Stressed tresses? Try a little TLC…

From top knots to bleaching, illness and stress… your hair goes through a lot. Here’s how you can show you care and get your best hair ever!

Hair is a resilient material; but even with the best of intentions it goes through a lot. Hair and scalp issues are incredibly common – according to Tangle Teezer, hair loss and thinning affects one in four women – and they are also deeply personal. Iain Sallis, is a trichologist (hair and scalp specialist) and is all too aware of how deep an attachment we have to our hair. “We put great emotional importance on it,” he says. “Subconsciously we look at peoples’ hair, skin and teeth and make an assumption of how healthy they are. Hair loss and poor hair can make people feel less youthful, less attractive and less virile.”

If you feel like your hair is thinning, or you have noticed bald patches, it’s time to speak to your hairdresser, who should be able to either help you identify the issue, or point you in the direction of someone who can. Hair is greatly affected by your lifestyle, and reflects elements both in and out of your control. “Stress can cause breakage, hair loss and thinning,” says Mark Woolley, founder of Electric Hairdressing. “Because hair is often unprotected, it’s also susceptible to air pollution.” Even the weather can take its toll, and pregnancy and hormonal imbalances can change hair density. 

Once the problems have been identified, it’s time to start working on the solutions. Tangle Teezer has created the Fine & Fragile detangling hairbrush with flexible, super-soft teeth to gently detangle the hair. “Intelligent brushes for finer hair types will have specific benefits such as a decrease in friction, more shine, less static, better feel to the hair and less breakage, which all equates to clients feeling better about their hair and themselves,” says Iain Sallis, who endorses the Fine & Fragile.

It means that with three brushes for different hair types in the core collection from Tangle Teezer, alongside The Original and the Thick & Curly, stylists now can pair clients and the perfect brush. Lauren Thwaites at The Wizard of Hair in London, adds the new Fine & Fragile brush is great for hair as it ages and weakens, because it “brushes the hair delicately, and doesn’t rip the strands of hair apart”.

Innovations in services mean that hair quality doesn’t need to be sacrificed for the colour a client wants. Bonding additives such as Olaplex and L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond have revolutionised in-salon treatments and what hairdressers can do while keeping hair as healthy as possible.

Home care focusing on damage prevention and rescue is imperative. “If your hair is feeling damaged, stressed or weak, Fudge Professional Damage Rewind should be your go-to!” says Jonathan Andrew, global brand ambassador at Fudge Professional. “Even from the very first use hair is left 90 per cent stronger.”

And it’s also worth knowing that what you put into your body can accelerate growth and encourage healthy hair from the inside-out. With Hair Gain supplements, positive results can be seen in just four weeks, according to founder Lucy Palmer – all it takes is a simple tablet each day, and your hair will have a brand new lease of life!

Tender loving haircare – your tool kit to bring your hair back to life!

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