Thinking about hair extensions for your wedding?

Hey brides! Want want fuller and longer hair on your big day? We asked Great Lengths UK Consumer Ambassador, Lisa Shepherd, for her advice on saying ‘I do’ to extensions.


Bridal hair extensionsTried and tested: If you are new to hair extensions, try them ahead of your big day – don’t leave it to a week before the wedding to have them applied for the first time.

Consider your style: Consider what bridal hair look you want to achieve before your have any hair extensions applied – the bonds are very discreet but some styles are going to work much better than others.

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Do your research: There are a lot of hair extensions brands to choose from and it can seem overwhelming. The fantastic thing about Great Lengths is they have a very strict ethical sourcing and quality control policy, and as it is always 100% human hair used, you can style and dress your hair extensions just like your natural hair.

Care is everything: Do look after your hair extensions and book in regular maintenance appointments to ensure that they remain in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

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Time it right: If you are considering hair extensions purely on a temporary basis (for your wedding and honeymoon) then look at options that are going to suit that timeframe. Great Lengths’ GL Apps tape-in extensions last for around four weeks and can be re-taped and re-applied up to four times.

Keep colouring: Don’t think that just because your have hair extensions in, you can’t get your roots touched up. Great Lengths hair can be coloured just like your natural hair. It’s best not to move too far from the natural colour as the hair can be dyed, but the colour of the bond won’t change.