Three Standout Styles from Big Hair Do 2022

Hollywood waves, beautiful braids and a couture pony – what’s your favourite style?

There was so much to see and do at the Big Hair Do 2022 events up and down the country. Delicious cocktails and selfie opportunities aside, let’s face it, the hair took centre stage here! As Goldwell, KMS and Varis salons threw open their doors to showcase their skills, we witnessed so many gorgeous hair looks on the night. The key trends spotted this year? It’s got to be the return of Hollywood waves, along with fabulous braids for all occasions, and the oh-so-stylish couture ponytail.

Want a slice of style inspo? Here’s how to achieve the key looks from the night…

The Couture Pony – Hectik Hair, Beckenham 

Mike Demetris at Hectik Hair set himself a challenge – to create an “out-out” look in 15 minutes or less that a client could do at home. Having worked at shoots and London Fashion Week across his career, he knows how to perform under pressure. So, he chose something simple yet effective – the couture pony.  

Start off by crimping the root to get a boost of volume, then brush through and spray a strong hairspray all through – Mike used Goldwell Mega Hold Hair Lacquer all over.  

The perfect ponytail needs to sit on the crown to elongate the chin and create height. So tilt your head back and pull your hand down the middle of your head to get the perfect position, and tie in place.  

Use a grip to pull the hair up a little at front to get some height, then straighten the hair in the ponytail.  

Take a piece of hair from the underneath of the ponytail and wrap once around the tie, popping in a grip to hold in place temporarily. Spray with hair spray and then wrap again. Continue this process, wrapping and spraying and ensuring that with each wraparound, the hair is sitting smooth and neatly.  

Once all the hair is wrapped around spray and smooth again, then grab another grip and slide it up from the end of the wrap, and remove the first pin at the base. “This pin will keep it erect!” promises Mike. Brush and spray the length of the pony and you’re done! 


Finished look

The braided crown – Replay, Cardiff

Over at Replay in Cardiff, braids were in high demand all night. An ideal look for the summer, the popular braided crown works for festivals and gigs, as well as a stylish options for bridesmaids or party goers. With another heatwave on the horizon, it’s also the perfect solution for keeping baby hairs at bay AND looking good while you do it.

Part the hair in middle, leaving out fringe pieces side by side. Then wave the piece slightly with a hair straightener.

Before beginning to braid, lightly mist Goldwell Unlimitor Spray Wax to control the sectioning process of the plait. Gather three small sections from each side of the hair, and start braiding them outwards, directing the braid around the crown and to the back of the head. This is important for creating a crown.

To secure the braided crown, gently pull out side of the braid tail and twist around to create a flower. Then hide with hair pins. Finish the look with the Goldwell Diamond Gloss Shine Spray.

Finished Look

Hollywood Waves – M Riccio Hair Design, Saffron Walden

Known as ‘Casa Luxe’ of Saffron Walden, the wonderful waves spotted at the Big Hair Do bring a luxury take to a timeless classic. It’s certainly a skill to master waving when using a straightener, but the team at M Riccio Hair Design made it look easy! The best news? The look can be totally customised with a little combing action if you fancy a more relaxed feel.

Begin by blow-drying the hair to give a smooth and sleek finish. Don’t forget to add KMS Moist Repair Revival Cream to improve manageability and add body without weight, as well as controlling static and flyaways.

While the Varis Smoother iron is heating up, quickly spritz the KMS Thermashape 2-in-1 Spray to give heat protection and amazing hold for the perfect waves! Then divide the hair up into smaller sections, around the size of two fingers deep.

Then it’s time to curl, curl, curl! To achieve the perfect wave, twist the iron and gradually pull down the hair in a continuous movement. Always curl away from the face to achieve the bounciest curls.

Tip your head upside and comb with a wide tooth comb. The more you comb, the looser the wave! As a finishing touch, spray with KMS Hair Stay Firm Finishing Spray for big bouncy waves that last.

Finished Look

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