Three quick ways to put the wow back into ‘mum hair’

17 minutes. That’s it. That is all mums get of ‘me time’ on a daily basis according to In between prepping a nutritious Instagrammable breakfast, kicking it LIKE A BOSS in work or at home, and kissing nippers goodnight, the majority of mothers are hard pressed to find the minutes to look amazing all the goddamn time. Thus, more often than not, they’re sporting some bob-like creation above their shoulders to keep their shampoo/conditioner time in the shower to a mini(mum).

No, no, no. Our nation’s mothers deserve MORE than just one special day a year! We sat down with the gorgeous Katie Mulcahy (Pictured here! She’s a Most Wanted award-winning hairdresser at Hazel & Haydn in Birmingham (and mother of two year old Cooper) to share with us three quick ways to pep up mousy mum hair. We also made her a cup of tea, because SHE’S A MUM.


Play with a pastel

“Refresh and brighten grown out colour with a spring-inspired pastel glaze. Go for a shade that suits the existing tones in the hair and skin tone: pinks, peachy, candy floss, rose gold and milkshake hues can instantly update a look with no commitment! Simply wash over on wet hair for a quick fix. The colour will fade with time but can still look cool even with a tiny hint still remaining. I’d recommend RUSK Deepshine Direct colours softened with RUSK Deepshine Colour Depositing Conditioners to give you pastels of any shade you desire.”

picture credit: RUSK

Add some oomff!

“A lot of the time I now go to bed with my hair still damp and wake up with what can only be described as the mane of a wild animal! I love the body this gives my hair but it does require definition and separation. My best friend has to be the BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression Conical Wand – I simply wrap big sections of hair from my sides and crown around it. I wind the wand away from my face for that beachy textured vibe in just minutes. Then I ruffle with my fingers to give my hair the finishing touch without looking over-done.” Boom! Grab a little finishing spray to keep in place – try Texturizing Volume Spray from Balmain Paris Hair Couture, a favourite at Paris Fashion Week.

picture credit: Hershesons

Fringe with benefits

“Adding a bang up-to-date fringe can completely change or update a look, especially if your hair is frequently tied up (School run? Yep, tie it up STAT!). Fringes are everywhere at the moment and can complete a style with little effort, so making a boring pony look edgier or prettier if kept softer!” And to perk up your bangs and refresh your look without having to redo your hair entirely, pop your hair back in a towel hair band and just wash the fringe when you hit the shower, and blast dry while the kids are scoffing breakfast. Ta dah!

picture credit: Francesco Group