This is how textured hair stays happy in winter

Winter can be tough on curly and coily hair, so follow these expert tips and advice to keep it quenched and looking its best

Winter is always a season of extremes, with cold weather and low humidity causing your hair to lose moisture on a daily basis, up to an estimated 25 per cent of its usual levels! For Afro and textured hair types it can mean months of stress, trying to keep your hair happy while it cries out for more moisture.

Naomi Brooks, salon owner and director of The Hair Sanctuary in Manchester, points to the importance of caring for your scalp as the temperatures plummet. “Whether your hair is natural, chemically treated or in regular protective styles, it’s vital to do deep conditioning treatments as often as possible; at minimum once a month,” she insists. “Textured hair requires a lot of moisture so I always recommend having a hydrating shampoo and conditioner consistently as part of your routine. As for styling, never dry brush your curls as this will cause frizz and breakage. Brush your hair when wet with either conditioner and/or styling products. This allows for easy detangling, distribution of products and great curl definition.”

“Styling and caring for Afro, multi-textured and curly hair can have its challenges, particularly when the seasons change and the cold sets in,” agrees John Paul Scott, the owner of SALT Salon in London. “As a general rule of thumb, using high quality, rich, moisturising products on a regular basis, combined with generous allocated time for wash day, plus, are key for taking care of those beautiful curls and coils! Occasionally using protective styles with heavy oils is another method to keep hair hydrated. We are currently testing out the new Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil Ultra Rich line for textured hair.”

The Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer is the number one best-selling product at Bumble and bumble, and its taken that winning streak one step further to create even more enriching and hydrating haircare products: the skincare-inspired Ultra Rich Collection, ideal for the varied needs of textured hair.

Like the original Invisible Oil range, the collection offers nourishing hydration without heavy weight, making it ideal for all hair types and textures. And we do mean all! From 4C-1A, especially dry to very dry, it’s like a cold glass of water on a hot day for your hair. This dream team works seamlessly together to deliver hydration, humidity protection and frizz reduction for up to 72 hours.

“As someone who wears my hair in protective styles, the Treatment Lotion is honestly such a life saviour,” says Eliza Ankra, Bumble and bumble textured hair expert and marketing assistant. “It’s my favourite product from the collection. I typically apply from scalp to ends on my 4B/4C hair before heat drying, and directly to my scalp on day four. It performs exactly how it says it will.”

Exploring New Depths

“When speaking to texture – whether that be fine, medium, or coarse – products are essentially another tool to help your hair be the best it can,” explains New York-based BumbleLIVE educator, Britney Williams.

Britney Williams

“When you find the perfect product combo your hair is easier to style, requiring less maintenance and less upkeep. The Ultra Rich collection is great because it contains the added bonus of that high-quality hyaluronic acid to help retain moisture. You want your scalp to be a clean and healthy start to hair growth. 

“My hair has many textures to it, as does so many people’s. At the root I have about a 4B texture that softens out to a 2C on the ends, because I wear it both curly and blown out.

“What I love about the Ultra Rich line is that it’s great for all the textures in my hair: I get the hydration where needed, while still getting volume and bounce whichever way I choose to wear it.”

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