5 unexpected wedding hairstyles fit for a modern princess

There’s no denying that a chic low bun is the epitome of beautiful wedding hairstyles – but that doesn’t stop us thinking “what if…?”

While traditional wedding hair is lovely, what if you’re just… not that kind of girl? That’s why we’ve looked outside the metaphorical wedding hair box, and found five incredible wedding hairstyles that are pretty but still allow you to show off your personality on the big day.

Hair by Jodie Austen


If you thought embroidery was nothing more than your gran’s favourite hobby, then think again, because we’ve just uncovered the coolest new way to accessorise. Jodie Austen, aka Peachy Stylist stitches tiny thread flowers into the hair. “It was one of those ideas that came to me while I was falling to sleep,” Jodie explains. “Adding an embroidery piece keeps a bridal hairstyle effortless but special. The hair embroidery has to be done on extension pieces because there is no way of getting it out easily enough to do it on someone’s own hair. I don’t have any template, I literally get the hair laid out and embroider. From start to finish they can take me a day of thinking about it, and roughly one to five hours to complete. If the dress or decor has embroidery, I can design it in the hair to match, or create one to go with the wedding flowers!”

Hair by Taylor Taylor London for Roksanda


Recently the humble crimper has become a bit of a backstage favourite. “Crimping can be used to create texture in very thin or limp hair,” says Emma Leung, director at Kelly Leung in Dublin. “Its a good technique to bulk out the hair to create upstyles. Looser crimping can be used in soft styles for the more natural, boho brides”. Denise McLean, director at Pelo Hairdressing in Dublin, agrees: “Crimping is a fantastic way to create volume on the root area of very fine hair  – I crimp an inch section from the root area to achieve a root lift without having to use backcombing.” Avoid the Cyndi Lauper, fancy dress look and instead look to subtle, pretty looks like this style created a few seasons ago at Roksanda. The hair is light as air, perfect for a low key wedding.

Hair by Anthony Turner for ghd and L’Oréal Professionnel at Erdem


Ribbons might have connotations of schoolgirl cutesiness, but they can be sophisticated when worn right. This gorgeous look, created a few seasons ago by Anthony Turner for ghd and L’Oréal Professionnel Paris at Erdem, took inspiration from the high seas – but take away the salty texture and you’ve actually got the perfect inspiration for a wedding style. “If you’re looking to mix up your bridal look, accessorising is key, and although not a traditional option, ribbon can be used with a whole host of updos to really make a style statement on your big day,” says Charlotte Hanson, wedding hair specialist S J Forbes in Egham. “At Erdem, hair was pulled roughly in to a low ponytail that had been plaited in various sizes and directions and then styled into a bun. This look is perfect for a modern, non-conventional bride, and ribbon can be braided alongside the hair.” Plus, if you like the look, it’s totally appropriate to wear as a wedding guest!

Hair by Amber Yancey


Unnatural colours can add a really pretty pop to an all white bridal outfit says Danielle Garner of Wildflower Studio in Dublin. “A hidden rainbow look can showcase someone’s vivid personality in a subtle yet classy way. A half up/half down style would be a perfect way to reveal this look, allowing the top and front to be simplistic and elegant, yet after the veil comes off you see the fun. When the bride shakes her head or moves , you will see the rainbow shimmering through. I love how it can also be used in clients hair that are brown or blonde with something coming through underneath to add contrast.”


Undercut tattoos

 Once only for the daring, undercuts are now a cool choice for fashion-forward brides who want to offset a traditional look. “Undercut tattoos look fantastic with asymmetric styles that use waves and back combing to create messy shapes,” says Ashely Gamble, founder of Ashley Gamble salon in Shifnal. “They also look great with high on top waves that give height, allowing side profile pictures to look fresh and modern.” Like the hidden rainbows, they allow you to combine edginess with a classic style, and work really well for the photographs – one angle for Grandma’s mantelpiece, another angle for Instagram! Lotus flowers, zigzag textures and geometric shapes all look amazing – just make sure you trust your hairdresser!


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