The sleepy girl’s guide to overnight tress transformers

Sleeping beauty has nothing on you! We’ve rounded up a selection of hair heroes that work hard while you catch up on your Zzzs

Thought your evening beauty regime was all about your skin? Think again! While there’s nothing more satisfying than removing your make-up, it’s time to start giving your scalp and tresses a little TLC too.

With increased working from home the new reality for lots of people, you might be enjoying some extra sleep in the morning. Well, make that snooze count – there’s been a rise in overnight hair products, such as serums and masks, which promise to undo the damage of heat styling, brushing and environmental aggressors. While their predecessors may have been harder to apply and sleep in, the new kids on the block absorb quickly with powerful ingredients to give long-term protection to the hair. While hair doesn’t regenerate as skin does, hair cells are still dividing and growing while we sleep, so it’s important to give them a helping hand.

If your hair feels dehydrated and damaged due to over-styling, harsh weather or continuous colouring, adding a super-nourishing serum to your routine is a simple way to boost hydration without weighing tresses down. Lighter than most overnight hair products, serums can be applied from root to tip, are fast absorbing and can be left in ahead of styling the next day.

For those who opt for a powerful mask during their weekly hair routine, adding one to your evening beauty rituals is an effective way to boost the benefits, while saving you from a lengthy wait time before rinsing. 

Ready to take bed-hair to the next level? We’ve rounded up a selection of your new sleep essentials….

Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Overnight Serum, £40

You can sleep peacefully with the brand new Botanical Repair Strengthening Overnight Serum from Aveda. This 99 per cent naturally derived and vegan serum helps is quickly absorbed, leaving a veil on the hair that helps prevent damage and friction during sleep. Result? Hair is stronger, nourished and revived come morning. If only it made a latte too…

Kérastase Nutritive 8 Hour Magic Night Serum, £36 

This intensely nourishing serum contains iris root extract and a blend of five essential vitamins to leave the hair feeling lightweight and luxuriously nourished when you wake up. With no need to rinse out, it’s the time-saving hero for any girl on the go, and it smells incredible too.

Bumble and bumble While You Sleep Damage Repair Masque, £40 

Created to help reverse the appearance of damaged hair, this overnight treatment is infused with evening primrose to help repair past wear-and-tear. Ideal for applying once or twice a week to dry hair, it promises to deliver de-stressed strands by the AM. Simply wash out the following morning with your shampoo and conditioner of choice. 

Sachajuan Over Night Hair Repair, £35

This intensive gel treatment has been designed to build the elasticity, as well as adding fabulous shine when you wake up. The game-changing formula of sea algae and mineral extracts strengthens hair from the first use, and doesn’t need to be rinsed out after – bonus!

Nioxin Night Density Rescue, £45

Delivering a host of powerful antioxidants, including vitamin E and ginger root extract, this powerful scalp treatment helps promote hair density, through using NIOXYDINE24 technology. Working during your body’s natural, nightly regeneration process, the solution helps fight against oxidative damage (which is known to contribute to hair loss), as well as neutralising free radical attacks for healthy scalp maintenance.

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