The Salon Solved It – wayward waves

Waves are wonderful… if they play ball. But when they do their own thang, and you’re juggling a job and a family against limited styling time, what’s a gal to do? We sent Sarah Heeps to Edinburgh’s Vincent Bell for some help…

I’ve got the kind of hair that sits on the fence. It’s not straight, but it’s not properly curly. The mornings are a busy time for me, getting the family ready before I start work, so inevitably me and my hair come last. I’m looking for something that highlights the waves so I don’t pile it up in a ponytail or bun as I run out the house – my go-to fix when in a hurry.

Based in beautiful Stockbridge in Edinburgh, I had passed Vincent Bell salon many times but never made it in. Stylish, minimal and filled with natural light, I’d always been tempted to try it… and this time, feeling in a particularly frizzy funk, I popped in and made an appointment! When I went back, I was pretty excited… but not as much as Boo, a soft and playful puppy who met met at the door! Oh, I already I loved this place!

Next, I met my stylist Sophie and she took me over for a consultation. I told her in detail about my hair dilemma

Could she help me rule my waves?

Sophie explained that by adding specific colour placement, she could enhance the curls. So she set about applying the colour, and then an intense Kérastase Fusio-Dose conditioning treatment was applied after the colour was washed off at the sink, with the promise of making my hair look six times shiner! I couldn’t wait see if this was true but first and my split ends had to be tidied up.

Next, Sophie taught me how to blow-dry my hair quickly, insisting that in just five minutes, with my new colour (and shine!), my hair dilemma would be solved.

Did my hair look shiner? Yes. Have I worn it in a ponytail or bun since visiting the salon? No. Did Sophia solve my dilemma? Yes!

With my new colour, shine and blow-dry skills I’m taking (or should that be making?!) the time each morning to give my hair a little TLC. I’m determined not to fall back into my hair-scraping, bun-wearing days, but I know that it will mean me continuing to find that little bit of Me Time… and that’s no bad thing!