The Salon Solved It – the quick (and natural-looking) extensions makeover

On a daily basis, I see long luscious locks as I swipe through on my Insta feed. They’ve always seemed like a far-off fantasy, both unachievable and unrealistic. Due to having very fine, coloured and slightly damaged hair, I gave up the dream of ever enjoying long, thick, perfectly styled tresses. 

Ever since a friend of mine mentioned that she wore clip-in hair extensions to both thicken and lengthen the look of her hair, I hadn’t been able to shake off the idea that maybe extensions could be the answer for me also. Although, I was also worried that maybe extensions would leave my hair more damaged than before.

Despite my initial reservations, I decided to take the plunge. I booked in with Remi Cachet Hair Extension Specialist Asya Cannur at Hair Raizin Experience salon.

Could Asya give me the thicker, longer look
without the damage?

Asya recommended that I start with clip-ins given that I’d had no previous experience with extensions. This would give me a temporary and quick fix to my lifeless hair and, if all went to plan, could convince me to look into other extensions options in the future.

Before my appointment, I sent several photos of my hair in different lights and from various angles in order to ensure the perfect colour match with the real hair Remi Cachet extensions. When I arrived on the day, Asya assessed my hair and the size of my head in order to determine the angle to place and fit the extensions. There were three hair pieces in total – one shorter piece for the back and two longer pieces to go around my whole head. Starting with the back of my hair, she sectioned off the top layers and created a parting where the extensions could be clipped in.

One of Asya’s top tips for clip-ins is to slightly backcomb the section where they’re are going to be placed. This adds texture to the hair, in turn securing the hold of the extensions and keeping them in place for longer.

Asya then took one of the longer pieces and, using the same method, placed it in a horseshoe shape around the crown of my head in line with my ears. By slightly angling the extensions, she created a more natural look as they followed my natural hair line. She then repeated this process with the second piece, but this time placing it slightly higher along my head towards my parting.

Now the clip-ins were in place I was starting to see my new look emerge. However, there was still some work to be done! Asya then trimmed the extensions to tidy up the ends before styling. She gave me two easy styles to work with at home: the first was just a simple straight finish and the second a relaxed curl using a styler – perfect for any event or special occasion (Christmas parties, anyone?). 

The look was completed with two large pearl-encrusted pins (inspired by the current trend of big, bold accessories) and a sprinkling of brunette hair dust over the finished style, adding both texture and hold (and a little bit of shimmer). 

I was totally bowled over by the end result. I really couldn’t get over how natural the extensions looked and how well they blended in with my hair! They look and feel amazing and, honestly, I did not expect the finished look to be anywhere near as impressive as it was. Not only did I leave the salon feeling extra boujie with my long Hollywood tresses flowing behind me, but I also got to take home a little Remi Cachet goodie bag, filled with a special hairbrush, shampoo and conditioner – perfect for keeping the extensions in prime condition!

Now the question is – can I do this all at home myself? Well, I’ll admit, it was quite tricky at first (if only I could see the back of my head!). However, the more I practised, the easier they were to place and in terms of actually clipping them in, they’re really quick and easy. It’s reassuring to know that I can always go into a salon with them and ask a stylist to place them for me, but I think if I keep practising, I will definitely feel more confident about placing them myself.

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