The Salon Solved It! The Big Chop

Kelly Shields needed a total hair revamp. With a name like Salon Alchemy, Layered Online was expecting a magical transformation in the Lincolnshire town of Boston…

With my shoulder length hair, I only tend to pop to the salon every six months, so this time I was looking for a re-style. I needed something easy and quick, as I run my own business and I have two boys to ferry around – time is of the essence!

Before my appointment, Rocco – my stylist and also the owner of Salon Alchemy in Boston, part of the 365 Network – asked me to have a look at some ideas and bring along any photos. We discussed my face shape, features and hair type and I was very happy to be led regarding my re-style.

Could he deliver something to suit my lifestyle?

I felt really confident that Rocco understood what would be possible and what would suit me best. The actual re-style was really pretty quick despite going from long to short, and Rocco clearly explained how he was cutting my hair and how the cut would affect the after care. There was a lovely rapport between the team as other members came over to see what was being done! I felt confident throughout despite the growing pile of hair on the floor! Team member Alysha gave me a super hand and arm massage during my cut, which felt great. I was amazed – my hair needed very little in the way of treatments or products to get the finished style and took very little time to dry.

But the final result… oh man, I’m really thrilled with the re-style! It’s been easy to manage since the cut and takes very little time to sort out in the morning, which is perfect with my job and two boys to get to school. Friends have said they love it, and thanks to a half-price recommend-a-friend offer, I‘ve sent a few mates Rocco’s way, too! A restyle with Rocco is £69, but a cut with a junior stylist starts at £34.50.

It’s a great salon too, really clever – the aromas change depending which part of the salon you were in. There’s the colouring station – Chroma Zone; the hair wash – Lather Lounge; the ladies’ hair station – Style Zone; and a men’s area – the Man Pad.

And the team was so lovely and warm; there was a real personal touch throughout my visit. It’s relaxing, the additional massages were a welcome treat and the coffee was great! It felt much more like an experience than just a hair cut. Despite being in the salon for just over an hour, it felt like a whole afternoon treat.

Want an appointment with Rocco? Call 01205 368368 or click here