The Salon Solved It… sad, shedding hair

Entering her 30s, Layered Online reader Maria had exhausted endless quick fixes for her fine, shedding hair – without ever finding a permanent solution. Could a bit of Ayurvedic wisdom from the Aveda Institute in Covent Garden provide any answers?

Apparently humans lose 50 to 100 hairs every single day, with further seasonal shedding occurring during the autumn months. In the spring, your hair is reborn and the shed hair is replaced by new strands. That’s the theory, anyway. In my case, Mother Nature is less generous.

As I get older, the shedding periods have grown longer, to the point where I am now leaving a trail of hair everywhere – on the pillow, in the shower and on my hairbrush. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a competition with my cat! And, coupled with acute scalp dermatitis (thanks again, nature), this makes for a nasty cocktail.

The number of different shampoos and hair products I have been through in the past couple of years is astonishing. All have had little or no effect in my quest to return my hair and scalp to a healthy state. During these experiments I’ve found that any product that had a positive impact on my scalp would have a negative one on my hair – and vice-versa. Very frustrating. I’d begun to think I was doomed to this hair Catch 22 forever. So I jumped at the opportunity to visit the newly-refurbished Aveda Institute in Covent Garden.

Spread over three floors, this is a one-stop-shop for all of your hair needs – using responsibly sourced, naturally-derived, cruelty-free products.

I’m there to try out its scalp diagnostic service and, after enjoying a complimentary cup of herbal tea, we get down to business. As Luke, my designated hair saviour, carefully listens to my woes, I can almost see the plan coming together in his mind.

Can Luke help solve my scalp stresses?

I’m ushered over to the Aveda hair and scalp station where I’m greeted by camera technician Ashley. He wields a hand-held camera designed to check just what is going on with my scalp and takes a high-resolution photo of a small area on the top of my head. It’s weirdly satisfying to see my scalp up close in all of its greasy glory.

It’s little bit oily but nothing to worry about – phew! Thinking we’re off to a good start, we next examine my hair density, counting how many hairs are coming out of each follicle. Again, nothing to be concerned about. However, when we come to the third picture, an image of the thickness of my hair strands, we quickly identify the problem. It’s obvious to the experts that my hair is naturally very fine – that’s the cause of my woes.

So, Luke talks me through the options. Taking into account the status of my scalp, he suggests the Aveda Scalp Benefits balancing shampoo and conditioner, designed to gently cleanse hair without irritating the scalp. After the wash, Luke works on lifting my roots with Aveda Thickening Tonic while also adding some much needed volume. He finishes off with the Aveda Shampure dry shampoo. I’m a little apprehensive at first as I know dry shampoo tends to make my hair greasier but my hair feels light and soft.

There you have it. Luke has achieved more in an hour than my dermatologist has in two years. My hair looks shiny and plentiful, while my scalps feels at ease. A few days later, my scalp still feels fresh and there’s no flaking or itchiness in sight, even after two washes. What more can a girl ask for?

Want to book a scalp diagnosis and service at the Aveda Institute in Covent Garden? Call 020 7759 7355 or