The Salon Solved It – the right extensions for the job

Layered Online reader Jackie – a long-time fan of extensions – has just qualified as a personal trainer so needs lengths that fit into her busy lifestyle. Unfortunately, a local salon botched the job. Can anyone ensure her new hair is fit for purpose?

It’s a big time of change for me. I have recently qualified as a personal trainer, which means long sweaty hours in the gym lie ahead. I’ve been a fan of hair extensions for ages, giving me the length and volume my naturally fine hair won’t, but this can mean that it takes a lot more time to dry and style my hair, which with my new job isn’t ideal.

Then my trusted hair stylist moved away, and both events made me reevaluate my extension needs. Did I have the best extensions for my new job? Were they fit for purpose (pun intended)? I thought I’d hunt out a new extension stylist for my nano rings, and had a consultation at a local salon in which I was assured they could do the job.

Unfortunately during the appointment I realised over half way in that the stylist wasn’t using the correct type of extensions, applying micro rings that were totally incompatible with my hair, both in thickness and in colour. It was a completely disastrous experience and in the days that followed I left a trail of hair extensions at work and at home, and struggled enormously to even sleep at night, such was the pain of these metal rings digging into my scalp! What had I done?

I needed a salon I could trust to solve this nightmare – thank you Layered Online! I popped along to the extensions experts at Beautyspot in Knightsbridge for my consultation. The salon interior was exquisite and once I’d met Georgia (pictured) and Vicky, I knew I was in extremely capable hands. I could feel my shoulders unclench in relief!

I was recommended Great Lengths bonds for my hair type (they also offer Great Lengths Tapes, neither of which I had tried so I was already excited!). It’s 100 per cent human hair and 100 per cent ethically sourced, which made me feel even better about the recommendation. However, it wouldn’t be a simple job; they informed me that the only way forward was total removal of the painful micro rings (hallelujah!) and to start from the beginning with a colour and a cut too. But I wasn’t concerned, and I had total confidence that my hair could be matched perfectly to the new extensions, as Great Lengths has more than 80 shades to choose from, which makes colour matching really easy. Phew!

Three days later I excitedly returned for my transformation. Upon arrival I was seated straight away and the ladies got to work. First step was the removal of the old hair; thankfully they came out very easily because of their poor initial application. I then had a T-section colour just to brighten up the crown of my head, and then a wash, cut and blow-dry. Things were already looking up!

Next step was the installation of the fabulous new hair, which is time-consuming but worth absolutely every second. I was kept occupied with a frothy cappuccino and luxury biscuits while chatting to the girls.

After application, Georgia cut the extensions to give the hair a natural finish. I was blown away with the end result. I couldn’t stop swishing around my beautiful glossy blonde locks. Not only did I feel like a princess but also a real-life princess came into the salon to get hair done while I was there, and if it was good enough for her, it was a dream come true for me!

It looks so natural and the salon shared brilliant tips on how to look after my hair at home and in the gym. In my 15 years of wearing hair extensions, these have been the best set yet – invisible, light, easy to brush, easy to wash and dry with a little care… I barely even know they’re there, which is brilliant when I’m dashing about in the gym!

And once I’m ready to have the bonds removed, which will be in about five to six months if I look after them properly, the hair is donated to The Little Princess Trust, which uses them to make wigs for children and young people with hair loss, which is such a brilliant idea. I now have the Great Lengths shampoo, conditioner and brush all perfectly tailored for hair extensions, so I know they will still look lovely on someone after they’ve left my head!

To book in with Beautyspot, call 020 3474 1111. For a consultation with Great Lengths, find your local salon here