The Salon Solved It… pink hair, don’t care

Layered Online deputy editor Deborah fell in love with her rose gold transformation – so much so that she went back for more. Can D&J Ambrose make her blush again?

It was a short but sweet love affair. But alas, all good things come to an end. My experience of rose gold hair was never built to last – Clayde Baumann, who had lifted me to a delicate rosé previously, had warned me as such.


Bereft of that pretty pink, I jumped back on the phone and agreed to let Clayde have HIS way with my hair this time.

Could Clayde hit the right spot to mix up a lasting rose gold?

Clayde immediately reached for Color Touch Relights from Wella Professionals to add a stronger dose of colour to my balayage blonde. He explained that the demi-permanent formula would appear strong at first, but would fade out to a pretty pastel which should last at least a couple of weeks (a relief to hear, as I tried not to picture myself with shocking pink hair).

Off to the backwash we went, where he mixed up a potion of /06 (pale and violet-nuanced) with /56, a punchy violet-red. 10 minutes was all it took, my blonde still nice and fresh to pick up the colour, before a thorough wash and condition.

Last time, when Jackie Ambrose began to blow-dry my hair, it had taken a while for me to notice the pink appearing. Not so this time – as the towel fell away the vibrant magenta colour was clear even when wet. After a moment of panic, I realised that the colour made my eyes pop like crazy, and had a riotous moment of joy when I realised I could live out my pop-punk teen fantasy of bright hair FINALLY while I waited for the colour to fade out. 2-for-1!

Within a couple of washes I’d reached where I’d dreamed of being – a subtle splash of colour, without being too in-your-face. Clayde had focused a lot of the brighter blonde around the nape and lower sections, which meant that the strongest pink would peek through the bronde.

I’ll freely admit that I’m a creative colour convert – I love my day-to-day balayage, and knowing that I can mix things up with demi-permanent tones has me dreaming of a rainbow of opportunities.

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