The Salon Solved It… giving dull hair back its shine

While undertaking a month-long cycling challenge for charity, Layered Online’s Alison had fallen into the habit of washing her hair every single day, leaving it looking more than a little lacklustre. Could a new glossing service restore its sheen? 

30 days. 300 miles and a lot of sweat. Throughout September, I was generating pedal power daily for a good cause, but the upshot of my indoor cycling efforts was I was now washing my fine, already oily hair far more frequently, and it had begun to show. 
At the start of the summer, I’d added some bolder highlights to my mid-brown, mid-length hair, and these strands in particular were struggling with the wash, rinse, repeat-a-mere-24-hours-later routine. North London’s hard water in combination with my less than diligent deep conditioning habits had left my lengths looking dull, and with a light halo of frizz that emerged without fail at the slightest whiff of humidity. 

Desperate to try and hit the brakes on the damage (and disappointed by the fleeting results of at-home products that were designed to boost shine), when I heard about the new Vinyl Gloss treatments at Percy & Reed, I couldn’t book in fast enough. Inspired by salon founder Paul’s love of both glossy, healthy looking hair and his vast record collection, an appointment was said to deliver renewed hydration and a mirror-like finish… as well as 45 minutes of LP sound tracked chilled-luxe vibes away from the saddle!  

Could the Percy & Reed tag team – Olly Hacker on the treatment and Emma Vickery on styling – bring back some brilliance to my blonde?

After a quick chat with Emma and Olly about my hair woes, we decided that of the three Vinyl Gloss services – The 7 Inch (which involves finishing using straighteners in ‘7’ shaped motion when styling to achieve the perfect poker straight style), The 33 Inch (where straighteners are moved across the hair in a ‘3’ shape to achieve modern waves), and ‘The Remix’ (where personalised styling is paired with the glossing treatment) – the latter was the ideal option for me to help add bounce as well as shine. 
Olly began by applying a Redken Shades EQ clear gloss toner to my entire head of hair, from roots to ends. With the lasting power of a colour service but without the addition of pigment, this hair bonder-infused treatment is designed to revive weakened strands, tone away any brassiness and refresh hair colour, with results lasting up to 20 washes. 
After Olly had finished combing the gloss through – a process that only helped to emphasise just how dry and tangle-prone my hair had become! – the treatment was left to infuse for 20 minutes before being rinsed off. 
As I sat back in the chair and Emma sectioned my hair ready to give it a much-needed trim, it was already clear that the gloss had done the trick. This time, the comb didn’t snag as she worked, and the wet colour immediately seemed more vibrant than the matte tone I’d been used to seeing post-shower. 
Even as she rough dried, less frizz sprung into view and after some casual curls were tonged in and brushed out to form waves, the sleek finish was undeniable. Plus, I was thrilled to find that my fears of feeling like my hair had been coated or lacquered in some way were unfounded; the gloss added no extra weight whatsoever. 
I left the salon grateful for a window of ‘me time’ and fully appreciative of the wonders hairdressers and pro services can work. Weeks later, my hair still shines bright and Emma and Olly (if you’re reading this); I promise I won’t reach the 20-wash mark too quickly! 

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