The Salon Solved It… Foolproof Styles for the Festive Season

While Layered Online reader Kate makes all the best laid plans to get glam every party season, when time isn’t on her side her tremendous tresses often get neglected. We sent her to Smith England for a masterclass on making occasion hair work for her social calendar

Whenever I’m getting ready for my work Christmas party, or lunch with my friends, I always know what I’m wearing and what I’m doing with my make-up, but I regularly forget about my hair or only have time to run a brush through it. This year, I am determined to learn some styles that I can do myself when I have time… but also when I’m inevitably running late!

Can the salon help me create party ready looks when time is of the essence?

I have been seeing Ellie at Smith England for a few years, and I’d mentioned to her on one visit that I never do much with my hair. She kindly offered to give me a mini-masterclass on creating some styles that would work for me.


The first was a quick style. Ellie brushed my hair back into a smooth, low ponytail – which was a nice change, as normally I just wear my hair down.

She then finished it off with some super on-trend hair clips. The whole thing took no longer than five minutes! Even I can manage that…


Next, Ellie taught me how to create the elusive fishtail plait, which never fails to impress! I think with a little practice, I could master this. She also taught me how to soften a style by gently pulling out small sections of hair.

Finally, with this style Ellie twisted the plait into a figure of 8 and created another style. I thought this worked well, as I could plait it in the morning for work and then pin it up before I go out at night.


The final look was all about using tongs. My hair is naturally very straight, so I never really use tongs. Ellie showed me the correct products to use for my hair, and how to apply them. Then we tonged my hair and left it to cool, before gently brushing the curls out.

I think this was my favourite look, although it took the longest time to create. I loved the hairband Ellie had chosen, and it made such a difference to the final look.