The Salon Solved It – fix the damage without losing length

I’m going to let you in on a secret: I kind of hate the process of a hair cut. Every minute I’m in a stylist’s chair is spent worrying: will they cut it too short? Will they put in random layers? Will they heed my warnings a little too much and leave it too long, rendering the whole exercise totally pointless? But sometimes needs must, especially if you’ve been torturing your hair with heat, bleach and a distinct lack of conditioning treatments. Yes, it was time for something to be done.

Luckily I was visiting Leeds when I had this epiphany, and quickly booked myself into the coolest salon in the city – Tint. It’s in the Northern district of Leeds, and is the brainchild of Guy Sutcliffe, a former It List It Guy winner. It has an industrial feel and is one of the most spacious salons I’ve ever been in – all that room is so the salon can be quickly turned into a studio when the talented team want to do a photoshoot.

At Tint, each styling station stands alone, meaning that you don’t have to sit next to a stranger and can totally relax with your stylist. Which brings me to the wonderful Verity – could she heal my abused hair?

First I was taken over to the backwash for a consultation about my hair with assistant Elissa. But this wasn’t just any consultation – this was an in-depth analysis that got me thinking about every aspect of my regime and every inch of my hair. I answered questions on an app that would generate my unique System Professional EnergyCode, which would tell Elissa which products were right for me. My prescription was the futuristic sounding combination of Liquid Hair, Elastic Force and Alpha Energy. Various vials were mixed together, and a thick foam was applied to my hair. I then kicked back for about 15 minutes of uninterrupted relaxation, while it worked its magic.

After a rinse it was time for… The Cut. Verity listened carefully as I told her that I had resigned myself to a hair cut, but was also terrified of change in all shapes and forms. She assured me that she wouldn’t be going off-piste and giving me a surprise bob, but would just take off what my hair needed. Plus, a fringe trim would freshen everything up and make it feel like a bigger revamp than it actually was.

The result? After a blow-dry (perfect in its imperfection, with plenty of movement), Verity showed me her handiwork. Everything was smoothed out, the ends were blunt and even my colour seemed a little bit brighter. My hair still looked like my hair – but the best version of my hair ever!