The Salon Solved It… Beachy blonde minus the beach

Tash wanted her blonde locks to look like they’d spent a week naturally lightening in the Mediterranean sun. Could Heads High Brixton save the (holi)day? 

With shorter daylight hours and no winter sun in sight, it means my locks have lost their ‘sun-kissed’ colour from the summer…

See I’m a natural blonde – a very very dirty, almost brunette-blonde – but still a blonde! So when it comes to ensuring my hair stays light and bright, the two main options are to whack some foils in my hair or go lie on the beach for a week or two and let the sun work its magic. And, considering option two really hasn’t been an option for the past couple of summers, my hair was in dire need of assistance from some foils.

With my darker roots very visible, especially around the back section of my hair, I was searching for some serious expertise to sort out my grown-out roots whilst also achieving a naturally sun-kissed appearance – so much so, that people would be wondering if I had sneaked off to the Med.

Heads High Brixton, can you get me back to blonde beach babe?

Challenged accepted graphic for Salon Solved It
Challenged accepted graphic for Salon Solved It

Thankfully, Jacob Lindie (left) and Yeison Tapiero Munoz from Heads High, a vibrant and cool salon in buzzy Brixton, were up to the challenge. From the moment I sat down in the chair, I knew I was in for a good time – with Noughties classics playing in the background and locals coming through to say their hellos every few minutes, it felt as though I was sat in my front room at home (which is just the vibe Heads High aims for, in fact). 

But what about the hair! Was it also in for such a good time? After assessing my somewhat sad tresses and a lengthy chat about what I was wanting to be achieved and the different ways in which this could be done – it was decided that taking the hair warmer would allow for the most natural looking outcome. Yeison’s solution included an air-touch balayage throughout the back of the hair to break up the prominent harsh line that were present from previous colouring as well as some fine babylights throughout the front section of the hair.

Tash blonde hair before
Blonde hair during colouring process

First up – the air touch balayage, where Yeison used the hairdryer for each foil to blow out any baby hairs before applying the colour. He explained that this technique allows for blended colouring with the most natural-looking outcome which he ensured me survives the dreaded grow-out stage. Then, it was onto the all-important babylights! With his special comb in hand, Yeison got to work with the foils, working diagonally back from the front of my face to avoid any noticeably strong lines of colour and keep the blonde hue as soft as possible. Not done yet, after rinsing the colour off, Yeison worked even more magic by performing a shadow root toning technique throughout my hair – another trick he had up his sleeve to guarantee the most natural regrowth and no harsh lines. 

Once I was washed, conditioned and the colour was complete, Jacob swooped in for the finishing touches. Due to the fineness of my hair, it was decided that a blunt cut was the best option to maintain any facade of thickness, along with some long bangs at the front to gently frame my face. His scissor-work had me in awe, never had I felt so comfortable that someone understood exactly what I was asking for. But I suppose after more than 15 years in the industry it’s hardly surprising Jacob knew how to achieve the perfect cut…

The moment of truth. Could Yeison and Jacob make me look like I was fresh off the St Tropez runway? Take a look for yourself…

Tash blonde her hair before and after image

To say I was pleased would be a serious understatement… My hair is looking refreshed and vibrant once again and this time I didn’t have to risk the sunburn on my scalp. Plus, having just moved to Brixton myself I am beyond thrilled to have found a local salon that I can trust with my hair. Yeison and Jacob I hope you’ve got room for one more regular? 

Want an appointment with Jacob or Yeison at Heads High Brixton?  Click here for details on how to book.