The Salon Solved It – A technicolour future!

After many failed attempts at having vibrant, lasting colour, long-time blonde Eve Wagstaff has been stuck in a rut of scalp bleaches and toner. Can Haus of Brooks and evo fabuloso pro change her mind (and her hair!) for a technicolour future?

I’m not complaining about having bleach blonde hair (it’s very true – we do have more fun) but it would be nice to play around with colour that lasts for a while and fades beautifully.

I’ve dabbled in the past and it’s always ended with me declaring I would never go there again. One foray included going bright blue, but after just one wash it had turned into a very patchy and greyish green – not a good look.

The dreaded fade can suck all the fun out of bright colour, literally and figuratively. What starts out as a vibrant splash can quickly turn washed-out and a bit meh… And meh is not me.

When I was offered the chance to try the evo fabuloso pro system I was skeptical; could it really give me the colour of my dreams AND the power to maintain it?

Jody Brooks at Haus of Brooks, where my transformation would be taking place, assured me it would.

We had a chat on the phone to discuss my hair type, what I was looking for and any concerns I had. Then Jody asked me to create a Pinterest board of my dream hair colours so he could get an idea of what he would be dealing with. I then headed to the beautiful Bexhill-on-Sea for my makeover.

Could Jody give me the vibrant colour of my dreams that lasts and lasts?

First off, Haus of Brooks is stunning, a glorious space of upcycled lushness. Apart from being seriously eco-friendly it also has a resident dog, Cheeka, who came to greet me as soon as I walked through the door. A cute pooch to cuddle and my hair done? SOLD.

Jody and I discussed what sort of colour we’d be trying out and while we waited for my roots to be bleached, he mixed up a couple of different shades using evo fabuloso pro’s customisable colour system.

It’s a semi-permanent range so you’re not wedded to the tone if you want to try others. But the system gives you the power to perfectly match and maintain any hair colour in-between salon visits by mixing up a bespoke conditioner which perfectly matches the colour at your appointment, so you can keep that shade going when you get home. Genius!

Jody painted a couple of options on some testing samples, and after seeing the result decided on a pinky-orange mash-up of peach wonder.

Jody immediately got to work, sectioning my hair and painting the roots first to give a darker finish before working his way down and smoothing the colour out to the ends. Once completely covered, I was left to marinate for around 20 minutes before the colour was washed off.

Back in the chair I held my breath as Jody took the towel away and revealed my new hair. It was bright!

“Good bright?” Jody asked.

“Excellent bright,” I replied.

After masterfully restoring my blunt bob, Jody chipped away at the ends with texturising scissors to give it a lived-in finish that would blend beautifully if I decided to add some texture with kinks and waves. My transformation complete thanks to a little curling and the help of several amazing evo products – icon welder heat protection spray, water killer dry shampoo and shebang-a-bang dry spray wax – I was peachy-keen, jelly bean!

One week later and my colour is still as vibrant as ever thanks to my personalised evo fabuloso pro conditioner, which is ultra-nourishing and highly pigmented. I love it! The only problem I’ve found is that I need more bright clothes in order to clash with my hair, but that’s really only an issue for my bank account.

Viva la vida colorida!

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