The Salon Solved It! A hair refresh

Layered Online’s Eva was fed up hibernating from winter and needed a spring clean for her hair. She went out to Gina Conway Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Fulham seeking someone to hit the ‘hair refresh’ button to help her out of her follicle fug

It had been way too long since I had a proper trim and even longer since I had some colour done. The reality was my hair was becoming unmanageable, but I wasn’t ready to chop it all off. I was looking for a ‘refresh’, not a ‘restart’ – and Gina Conway Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Fulham was the place to find it.

Before my appointment, I visited for a consultation and a patch test – very important, as you never know how your skin will react to colour. Having very unruly curls to begin with, I was pleased to meet Paul, the creative director and colour specialist at Gina Conway, and to see he had curls too! That’s promising…

So Paul, can you refresh my hair…

and my interest in it?!

It turned out Paul was very understanding regarding my unruly locks and together we decided on mixing highlights with balayage to give my golden hue a bit of a kick. He felt that would help exaggerate my curls and make me love them again. Paul recommended mixing Olaplex with the colour to minimise any damage from a chemical treatment.

I was heavily pampered while I waited for my colour to process – there were loads of oils, a massage and Aveda tea… loads of tea. Then again at the backwash I had a lovely scalp massage. Paul suggested we’d add a slightly golden toner to my hair as a final touch for warm, honey strands

The results were stunning! I suddenly had four different golden shades in my hair, just the refresh I needed. The trim wasn’t scary at all either; Paul knew just how much to cut off without me feeling like I’ve had the Big Chop. That’s the thing about curls, they can bounce! And I got a brilliant tip from Paul that I never would have thought of! He said for wavy and curly textured hair, the Aveda Hand Relief Cream works wonders. He advised me to simply keep it in my bag and when I pop it on your hands during the day I can run them through my hair and crunch into the curls to revitalise my look! Just remember to only apply it to dry hair though… genius!

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