The Psychology of Blondes in 2020

Forget going lighter just for the summer; this tonal trend marks a significant moment in hair history

It’s official: lockdown life in the UK has bypassed the 100 day milestone – meaning now more than ever we could all use a little escape from reality. While shops and salons were closed, people across the nation turned to nostalgic fashion and beauty trends for some light relief – we’ve seen the rise of tie dye, pastel pedicures and SO many at-home hair colours.

Now as the weather starts to warm up again, it seems that a new trend is on the horizon, heralding the return of a much-loved summer hue – the sun-kissed blonde. While ‘vacation blonde’ may not be an option for many in 2020, celebrities such as Kaia Gerber, Millie Bobby Brown and Kérastase ambassador Emily Ratajkowski have all ditched the dark side in favour of some gorgeous, golden strands.


As salon doors start to reopen from 4 July in England, will there be a rise in requests for lighter locks? If our Instagram feeds are anything to go by, then we predict a lot of blonde ambitions on the horizon. Aside from offering a seasonal shift, the increasing demand for sun-kissed shades also signifies a much more important feeling across the nation; the need for some escapism from lockdown after a monumental few months in history.

So believes Luke Hersheson, the creative genius behind Hershesons and a celebrity favourite (Victoria Beckham has him on speed dial). Think back to the childhood fairytales of years gone by, he says: Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Goldilocks and The Three Bears… all tales of running away from reality with one thing in common: a blonde leading lady.

Much like these household heroines, many of us are in search of new beginnings, and nothing says a fresh start like a new ‘do. While the ‘quarantint’ gave people the chance to take control during a time of change, the switching back to blonde marks a clean slate as the world begins to reopen. Like a radical cut or the addition of a fringe, a major hair switch up can mark a dramatic change in life – it’s the start of a new journey, and often a new wardrobe/ makeup routine/ mindset to match.

If you’ve been tempted to go blonde before, you’ll know it’s impossible to let go of the idea once it’s in your heart. The allure of going lighter and brighter is hard to shake off, and having been a not so natural blonde for the past four years, I can certainly say that once you go blonde, you just may never go back.

Before you make the jump, it’s worth doing your research. Following the rise of balayage and babylights, there’s so many new services out there which cater to different lifestyles. Salons are now introducing new ‘blonde menus’, with hair salons such as Charles Worthington, Edward James and Adam Reed London all offering their own variations. Adam is talking a lot about the Bounce Back Blonde – more than 47 per cent of appointments in his Spitalfields salon are blondes.


If you’re struggling to secure an appointment right now, please hold tight and don’t reach for the box dye in the meantime. Emily Ratajkowski’s colour was achieved with the support of Kérastase (keep an eye out for some new blonde goodness coming from the French favourite soon). It’s proof that the best colour transformations should be left to the professionals, especially when lightening.

In preparation for your post-lockdown salon visit, do some at-home maintenance to keep the hair in good condition. We suggest ditching the heat where possible and using a conditioning hair mask regularly.

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