The PPE-friendly hair trends for 2021

With face masks now a part of everyday life, find out how the 2021 hair trends will help you stay cool and safe

PPE-friendly hair trends
Credit: Dyson

It’s become the most essential accessory to carry with you whenever you leave home: the mask. Whether going to do your essential shop, or wearing a mask/visor at work, the humble face covering has changed more than the contents of our handbag. So, as 2021 gets underway, how will face masks impact our hairstyles for the year ahead? We caught up with some hair pros to hear more about the PPE-friendly hair trends for 2021.

“With face masks now a part of our everyday world, this creates the ideal platform for people to showcase their creativity in hair,” says Jawara Wauchope, global styling ambassador for Dyson. “Hair has played an important role in self-care and improving the way people feel in challenging times,” he explains. “I’ve seen so many people attempt to learn new ways to style their hair during lockdown. As we move into 2021 and the world we live in looks more different than we could have imagined a year prior, I think we’ll see some incredible hair looks influenced by mask wearing.”


“The Dyson Airwrap styler offers so much versatility in one tool, allowing people to switch up their style depending on how they’re feeling each day. From the Firm Smoothing Brush to stretch out curls and waves, to adding face framing shape with the barrels and round brushes, masks need not restrict what’s possible when it comes to hair. I am excited to see how hair can form a part of the new wardrobe essential.” 

Last year also saw several nineties trends making a comeback, and this is set to continue during the year ahead. Though face-framing brights may be on hold while in lockdown, iconic styles from the era provide the perfect PPE-friendly hairstyle.

Credit: Dyson

“Picking up speed as we enter 2021, the ’90s will continue to see a major resurgence. Expect styles with attitude as people become braver, experimenting with updos and hair accessories as a way to express their identity,” says Matthew Collins, global styling ambassador for Dyson. “The HBO show Euphoria has had a major impact on the trend of retro updos. This is likely to gain mainstream momentum in 2021. Small, tight ’90s inspired space buns and ‘bold money pieces’ framing the face will be the look of the year.”

“To achieve this style, start by parting the hair into a centre parting before straightening with the Dyson Corrale straightener. Using a pin tail comb helps to achieve the precise line of the centre parting. Next, gather the hair into pigtails on either side of the head, leaving out small sections to frame the face. Comb the gathered hair to neaten any bunching or flyaways. Twist each pigtail around the base of the pigtail to achieve a bun on either side of the head. Fix in place with elastics and pins. Finally, straighten the front sections with the Dyson Corrale straightener, bending towards the face.”


For those that prefer to keep things simple, Dyson global ambassador, Jehee Park, suggests that mask wearing also offers up the chance to try a paired-back look. “With all the chaos and confusion of Covid-19, people will seek simplicity in the year ahead. This will be true of hair too with textured straight hair proving popular,” she explains. “People will prefer effortless, clean looks that are easy to achieve themselves. Mask wearing has meant people are now choosing more natural make-up and in turn, will seek hair styles that complement this look.”

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