The most versatile updo that’s easy to do – honest!

Need an updo that works for every occasion but takes minutes? This is it!

Our up-do oracle Lacey Hunter-Felton, is here to show us exactly how!

Step 1: Blow-dry a healthy-sized ball of mousse into dry hair section by section. Work it in with fingers – this will give your hair an extra boost as well create as much texture as possible.

Step 2: Next, spritz a texture spray or dry shampoo through lengths from root to ends. This will provide the gritty texture you need when you begin to…

Step 3: Backcomb the top section of hair, firmly at the roots, getting lighter towards the ends, until your hair feels a bit like a cushion that will be able to hold pins securely.

Step 4: Take a section of hair from one side (a 10p piece circumference depending on the thickness of your hair) and carefully twist from the top backwards until you reach a spot behind your ears.

Step 5: Pin into place – the backcombing and products you’ve prepped with should allow the grip to sink in and feel completely secure.

Step 6: Continue creating your twist by taking sections of hair from underneath and fold them into place, securing with pins as you go.

Step 7: Once you reach the edge of your neck, stop twisting and put in your final pin.

Step 8: Take a length of hair from underneath to secure the end and create a pony – mist with hairspray first for extra grip…

Step 9: Then wrap it around the base, making sure it catches all of the hair. Use another grip to secure it all.

Step 10: Brush through your pony (and smooth away any remaining backcombing) using a bristle brush.

Step 11: Mist your fingers with hairspray and tidy up any loose flyaways at the back.

Step 12: Voilà – the finished look. Wear to the park, on date night, for that important meeting you have to nail… Whenever.

Lacey’s twist kit bag: