The control addict’s guide to puffy hair

Volume? Yes please. Uncontrollable puffiness? Not so much…

Are you that person whose hair never sits quite… right? It’s perpetually poofy, or lacking any semblance of control thanks to unruly texture or overdoing the bleach? You’re not alone. While changes in humidity can be a huge frizz factor, it’s certainly not the only issue to contend with. Thick or more textured hair is particularly prone to puffing up, as is particularly dry hair. As it’s more porous, it sucks up any moisture in the air that it can and causes the hair shaft to swell – hence the uncontrollable volume and sheer refusal to lie flat. Breakage and over-processed hair are also culprits, as they damage the cuticle that would normally lie flat and smooth.


Never fear, the guide to puffy hair is here. Beat the bushiness with this simple, four-step guide, starting with…

Shower power

Search for a shampoo and conditioner which is specifically formulated for dry/damaged or frizz-prone hair. You’re looking for products which will adequately hydrate the hair shaft, and smooth over any roughened cuticles to encourage your locks to lie flat.

The recently re-vamped Frizz Dismiss collection from Redken is perfect for this. Guido Palau, global creative director for Redken and fashion week hair hero, used the new range to prep the hair for many of the AW19 shows, including Dior, Burberry and Loewe. For frizz control, humidity protection and a super smooth finish, the range contains sustainably sourced babassu Oil to nourish, soften and condition hair.

If you need a deeper dose of hydration, turn to the Redken All Soft Mega range. Designed specifically for those porous, puffy moments where your hair simply won’t behave, there’s a full product range to keep hair under control. Your secret weapon? The game-changing All Soft Mega Sheet Mask. Inspired by K-Beauty sheet mask technology, you wrap your dry, parched strands in this gold foil mask for 10 minutes before rinsing out. Layered Online’s editor Amanda gave it a whirl to test its puff-deflating powers.

Serious about serums

Post-shower, it’s time to really treat and tame unruly strands with intensely smoothing and hydrating serums.

Schwarzkopf Professional’s BC Bonacure range has different collections to suit every hair type. For puffy hair, you want the Keratin Smooth collection, particularly the new Keratin Smooth Perfect Duo Layering. This pair of Taming Lotion and an Anti-Frizz Shield smooth and tame locks for up to 72 hours thanks to hydrolised keratin and luxurious oils.


Hot stuff

A heat protective spray goes a long way to keeping straightened strands… well, straight.

Try Wella Professionals EIMI Cocktail Me, a gel-oil enriched with gum polymers for a super sleek finish to run through the mid-lengths and ends, or the Thermal Image heat protection spray. Protecting your hard-won hydration and encouraging the cuticle to lie flat, these will have you looking like you’ve had an early noughties film make-over scene.

Mask time

Regular masking might seem faffy, but you’ll notice the difference – we promise. In order to re-seal and smooth damaged cuticles, we promise you’ll enjoy much softer, less cloud-like strands for your time.

Known for its long-lasting smoothing services (which our lovely writer Kelsey tested out earlier this year), KeraStraight’s homecare range is a brilliant place to start. Its Protein Mask creates a net-like structure around strands to repair them, leaving hair stronger and shinier for it.

Need a quick fix? KMS Tame Frizz Smoothing Reconstructor gets to work in just three minutes. Swap out your regular conditioner once a week for this to get a super-charged boost of hydration and shine, thanks to oodles of panthenol and lactic acid to smooth down damaged hair cuticles.

Now go forth and have good hair days.