The Cheater’s Guide to Cool Girl Curls

Discover the secret weapons for perfect curls…

While many of us may strive to achieve the effortlessly cool curls modelled by Instagram starlets, time often isn’t on our side. So let us help you cheat your way to beachy waves and extra volume… Introducing your new arsenal of curling tools (with no wrist twisting necessary)

BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl MKII

For anyone looking to create big and bouncy curls with lots of volume, this is most definitely the tool for you! At first glance, I was immediately impressed by the three curl settings, as well as the option to select the curl direction – hello hassle-free styling!

Featuring a fully automatic curl management system, the Perfect Curl MKII automatically adjusts the central barrel, carefully controls hair tension and precisely regulates heat and time to ensure you are left with perfect curls every time. Basically it does the hard work for you, meaning you can say goodbye to the dreaded arm ache from your regular curling wand!

On my own thick tresses, I opted for the medium heat setting with the ‘defined curls’ option to give a little extra oomph and create natural, bouncy curls. One important step to remember is to always hold the styler positioned into the hair, with the open part of the curl chamber facing towards the head. I’d also suggest using sectioning grips to make life extra easy when dividing your strands into smaller pieces. Have no fear though, the handy step-by-step guide included is very useful for helping you master your technique.

Overall, I was impressed – the curls stayed in place for the rest of the day, before gradually dropping out to a relaxed wave. This tool is great for anyone to use if time isn’t on your side before a night out or special event.

ghd oracle

New to the world of styling tools, the ghd oracle is the brand’s first tool that promises to deliver endless curls in just one glide. With so much hair to handle, the prospect of creating curls in just one stroke seriously excited me (I’ll do anything for a few extra minutes in bed)! Thanks to patented curl-zone technology combined with its unique shape, the oracle can heat and set the hair quickly, using cooling techniques to create flash-cool curls.

I soon realised that in order to a beachy wave look, it was all in the angle at which I positioned the oracle. The key is to keep practicing to perfect your chosen curls, as with every angle you could create something entirely different! At this point, I also turned to some useful videos from ghd’s global brand ambassador, Adam Reed, which he’d shared on Instagram.

After some more practicing, I managed to get the hang of things in order to create a (fairly) full head of waves. Though less curly than the previous look, it gave my tresses fantastic texture. If you’re looking for a tool to use on an everyday basis before work or heading to a bar, then this is it!

As a big fan of the ghd curve, I shall still be turning to my trusted tool before a big night out, but it’s nice to have the choice of a speedy styling option for my daily routine!

Currently exclusive to Rush salons, if you buy an oracle you’ll also be offered a ‘curl masterclass’. Bonus!

Still searching for volume?
Try these top tips from Live True London

Select the right aftercare for you:
A lot of shampoos and conditioners can help with volume and curls; the Pureology Clean Volume shampoo is a great option, as well as being 100% vegan. 

Get textured:
Using a texturizing spray before styling will help to increase hair volume and hold curls. The Fashion Waves sea-salt spray from Redken is a fuss-free product for quick styling. 

It’s time to get rough:
An easy way to achieve extra volume is by rough drying roots with your head upside down, while massaging the roots with your fingers before styling the rest of the hair. 

Rolled and ready: 
Sleeping with rollers in is another great time-saving alternative, as you’ll wake up with big and bouncy curls to make your morning routine a breeze! 

Let’s twist again:
For those with shorter tresses, simply twisting and twirls individual strands of hair after washing, then fixing with bobby pins can work wonders. After creating Bantu Knots, blow dry or air dry these before loosening them again and setting the style with hairspray.