The blonde secret weapons you’ll only find in salons

Being blonde is a commitment. Let your hairdresser help with these brilliant blonde hair services only available in salons

Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Blonde Wonders Golden Mask

Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Blonde Wonders Golden Mask

Love a little gold in your life? Well, this glittery hair mask that’s only available as a treatment in salons is indeed flecked with gold particles for a beautiful finish that seriously glows! This mask has 3D Bonding Technology to deliver that glossy shine all blondes crave while it also it cares for the hair. It strengthens the inner hair structure by up to 95 per cent, and smoothes the hair surface for better light reflection, creating a mirror-like effect that will dazzle. AND it helps to build new bonds while illuminating and brightening all blondes. Rest assured too, it won’t shift your colour, just give you a golden shimmery glow like a halo. We’re sold – and we have an excuse to buy some new sunglasses too, right?

INNOluxe Balance Plus PLATINUM

This one is a little technical, bear with us. Balance Plus PLATINUM from INNOluxe is like a 2-for-1 deal. You get all the protection and repairing power that a bond building treatment would give you, that’s to its matrix of amino acids targeting and filling gaps in the cuticle and cortex of the hair. This strengthens, leaving the hair feeling fuller and healthy. Now, at the same time, powerful purple pigments get to work to banish any brass, so your blonde will be getting toned while it’s also getting treated. How genius is that? It means less time with your head in the sink, and a speedier way to get back to a stronger, brighter blonde.

Shades EQ with Bonder Inside

If you’ve seen a beautiful, biscuity, beigey blonde on Instagram just begging you to show it to your colourist, there’s a very good chance that it will have a #ShadesEQ hashtag near it. This Redken liquid demi permanent colour is very possibly social media’s favourite in-salon shade saviour, delivering that uber-glossy, healthy-looking shine that ring lights were made for. Well, it’s even better now that it has Bonder Inside, so you don’t need a separate bonding additive to ensure that your hair stays strong and healthy even when coloured. And this is a brand that is constantly bringing out new shades – the newest drop is coming next month, and promises golden blondes with all of the glow!