The best fringes for every hair type

They may be one of the biggest trends for the season ahead (thanks to Marianne in Normal People) but fringes are not a one style fits all type of affair. Oh no, no, no. Your hair type will pretty much decide which one you can go for. We got hair stylist Neil Moodie to impart his wisdom on all things fringes so you can make the most informed decision of your life. Yep, fringes are that important!

Love the look of a block fringe? To pull it off you need…
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Hair type: Ideally straight or hair with very little bend or natural movement in it.

How about face shape? Block fringes and oval faces are a great match. If you have a square face, this is only going to make it look more square and I’d say the same about round faces too.

Styling tips: If your hair is naturally straight then it can be left to dry naturally or blow-dried with a vent brush for a more exaggerated finish. Also think about using a primer before blow-drying (we recommend Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer) it will add shine and help with the blow-drying. If you do have any kinks in your hair, blow-dry it in the opposite direction and that should sort it out.

Feeling daring? Could the micro fringe be for you?
Hair type: It’s got to be mainly straight or slightly wavy hair does work for this look. If you have really curly hair this is not ideal unless you’re prepared to blow-dry it everyday and possibly throughout the day if it gets attacked by humidity. Of course you could always have your hair chemically straightened if you really want to give it a go.

How about face shape? Technically anyone can wear a micro fringe, but not everybody should. This is because it stops way above the eyebrows and therefore this fringe exposes a lot more of the face and can change the shape of it quite drastically. Round and heart-shaped faces should probably avoid it as it will only make the forehead look bigger.

Styling tips: If you have got really straight hair, just leave it to dry naturally or if you want it to look really sharp blow-dry it with a brush. 

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Is it all about a grown-out fringe for you? Here’s what you need to know…
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Hair type: This is best on straight or wavy hair.

How about face shape? It’s a great option for heart-shaped faces, which can look a little top heavy. Grown-out side sweeping fringes have a balancing effect and draw the eyes down from the forehead and out to the eyes. They also work really well on round faces as long as the rest of the hair length is longer than the chin.

Styling tips: Apply thickening cream at the roots and then with a large round bristle brush blow-dry in the direction you want it to fall. If you have fine hair, lift up at the roots otherwise your hair could look a bit limp and lifeless. Once you’ve got it where you want it, spritz it with a light hold hairspray, such as L’Oréal Professionnel Ring Light Pure Spray.

And what about for the curly-haired ladies of Layered? We’ve got you covered!
Hair type: Obviously curly or wavy haired works best but you can curl straight hair with a spiral type curling tong, the BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression 13mm Curling Tong is brilliant.

How about face shape? This works best on oval, heart-shaped or long faces.

Styling tips: Curly hair naturally lacks moisture, which can make it look dry and frizzy so make sure you’ve got lots of styling products to stop this from happening. Layer up a prepping spray with a leave-in hydrating cream or oil, such as the Biolage Replenish Leave-In Oil. Next, use your fingers as a comb to loosen out stray hairs that will dry frizzy and then diffuse your hair or leave to dry naturally. When dry, just pull the hair out with your fingers but don’t run your fingers through the hair as this will ruin the curl. 

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