The A-List Lockdown Looks

From pastel hues to pixie crops and natural curls, we’ve rounded up the biggest transformations to celebs’ tresses during lockdown

What happens in lockdown, stays in lockdown – which could certainly be said for some of the DIY haircuts and colours bombarding social media in recent months. Along with the temporary pastel tresses, questionable trims and the down right disastrous attempts at using clippers, both celebrities and normal folk alike have used the past few months to get creative with their strands and the results have been…. interesting.

Though there’s some we’d rather forget, we’ve rounded up the best tressed quarantints, trims and the most fabulous natural locks in lockdown (as well as a few funny moments too!)

A kalaidoscope of colour

If you take one look at social media, it won’t be long before you find somebody showing off their newly coloured hair from the safety of their home. We all miss our usual colour refreshes in salon, but staying in has given many a chance to play with non committal colour options – we’re looking at your Sarah Hyland and T Swizzle…

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Nature’s touch

Not everyone has spent their time in lockdown transforming their locks, and that’s a-okay with us! In fact, your strands (and hairdresser) are only going to thank you for stepping away from styling tools, scissors or box dye. It’s been a great time for showcasing what Mother Nature gave you, as well as giving hair some much needed TLC. Don’t believe us? Here’s a whole bunch of celebs OWNING their natural strands…

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The first cut is the deepest

If there’s any look that signifies the wild ride that has been staying at home, it’s most definitely the DIY haircut. Nothing says boredom/sheer panic like reaching for the clippers, and it’s no exception for celebs. From booze-fuelled fringes to buzzcuts and pixie crops, we’ve seen it all… and that’s just from the men. If the likes of David Beckham and Taron Egerton have got in on the action, you know it’s a thing

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