The A-List Lockdown Looks

From pastel hues to pixie crops and natural curls, we’ve rounded up the biggest transformations to celebs’ tresses during lockdown

What happens in lockdown, stays in lockdown – which could certainly be said for some of the DIY haircuts and colours bombarding social media in recent months. Along with the temporary pastel tresses, questionable trims and the down right disastrous attempts at using clippers, both celebrities and normal folk alike have used the past few months to get creative with their strands and the results have been…. interesting.

Though there’s some we’d rather forget, we’ve rounded up the best tressed quarantints, trims and the most fabulous natural locks in lockdown (as well as a few funny moments too!)

A kalaidoscope of colour

If you take one look at social media, it won’t be long before you find somebody showing off their newly coloured hair from the safety of their home. We all miss our usual colour refreshes in salon, but staying in has given many a chance to play with non committal colour options – we’re looking at your Sarah Hyland and T Swizzle…


Like many of us recently, Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has decided to switch up her colour temporarily for a "quarantint". If you're looking for a pop of pastel or rainbow bright without any real commitment, a colour depositing spray or treatment is as good a place to start. Intrigued? Sarah used the Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask in Bordeaux, and we've got the lowdown on how to use it... 


The soap star caused quite the stir after debuting her stunning purple curls back in April. Claiming "quarantine made me do it", the switch up was just one of several colour changes made by Alex during lockdown, transitioning to an aqua shade just weeks later, followed by a little rainbow moment more recently. Usually limited to the blonde tresses seen on her character in Corrie, a break in filming has given the actress time to experiment with all the colours of the rainbow... and we are here for it! 


During lockdown, Dua Lipa has been having a lot of fun experimenting with her hair colour. First came pastel pink, followed later by a tangerine hue, which has fast become a trending tone across Insta feeds. Now, she's opted for a fiery red with darker layers underneath. Feeling inspired and in need of a colour refresh before salons reopen? We've rounded up the products that pack a pigmented punch! 


While we always advise leaving any major hair changes to the experts, actress Hilary Duff has taken matters into her own hands during lockdown. Turning to her Instagram, she revealed her signature blonde hair has been transformed into bright blue and cut into a shoulder-skimming bob. Maybe this is one look best 'pinned' for inspiration when post-lockdown salon visits resume... 


The Buffy The Vampire Slayer star has joined fellow A-listers in adding a rosy hue to her tresses. Revealed on her Instagram as a new way to embarrass her children, we think this on-trend tone is anything but shameful! Want to find out more about her "quarancolour"? This is what you need to know before going pink! 


Deadly in John Wick 2, Ruby Rose has been experimenting with split tone hues from her home. The vivid punky tones offer a bold take on the trend, giving a more pigmented punch (and perhaps a little ambitious until salons re-open – in England that looks like 4 July at the moment). The ’90s beauty trend has been having a serious moment in 2020, and shows no sign of stopping for the season ahead. 



It seems even T-Swizzle has got in on the lockdown colour action, after debuting blue and pink highlights on a recent Instagram post. Ideal for anyone who can't decide which shade to select, this colour popping creation channels some serious boho vibes for the summer months ahead. Normally, we would suggest it as a fun styling option for festival season but clearly for 2020 it's all about camping chic in the garden. 

Nature’s touch

Not everyone has spent their time in lockdown transforming their locks, and that’s a-okay with us! In fact, your strands (and hairdresser) are only going to thank you for stepping away from styling tools, scissors or box dye. It’s been a great time for showcasing what Mother Nature gave you, as well as giving hair some much needed TLC. Don’t believe us? Here’s a whole bunch of celebs OWNING their natural strands…


Often one to rock her natural hair, the Little Mix star has been embracing her curls during quarantine, often showcasing her incredible tresses to fans and followers on social media. You may wonder, how does she keep her curls looking so good? During an Instagram Live, Leigh-Anne revealed she uses argan oil to keep her strands nourished. For those with curly or textured locks, hairstylist Charlotte Mensah has also rounded up her top tips for keeping lengths in good condition. 


One of several celebrities choosing to let her grey shine through gracefully during lockdown is Marina, from Marina and the Diamonds. During recent weeks, she has used her platform to showcase her grey roots and inspire others to do the same, in turn receiving thousands of positive comments. In one Instagram post, the singer said she started getting grey hairs when she was about 15, and had been dyeing her hair since she was 22 because she thought she "had no other option". Marina added: "Grey equalled old to me - something most women are told is a bad bad thing... recently I've felt different. I want to be my natural colour." 


For many long-term extension wearers, lockdown has brought with it a unique set of problems for tresses, namely what do you do when they need removing? Sharing insuch pain is Zoë Sugg, who usually has hairdresser Samantha Cusick on hand for help. Over two months into lockdown, Zoë finally decided to remove her extensions, with a little help of some professional products and her boyfriend Alfie - who documented the process on YouTube. She's now back to rocking her much-loved 'lob' that Layered writer Kelsey has long admired. If you're in need of some extensions advice, we've got the lowdown here


Back when things were 'normal', many celebrities with curly, Afro or wavy hair would often wear it straight or manipulate its texture. Without access to hairstylists and an unlimited supply of products, the past few months have been a particularly good time to care for natural hair texture and revive curl patterns, and Gabrielle Union has been absolutely nailing it. Sharing a cute family photo on Insta, Gabrielle admitted that her 17-month-old daughter now matches her in the hair department – like Momma, like daughter! 


Nobody does a snatched pony like Ari, but it seems to have gone into hibernation during quarantine. Having previously admitted that it leaves her in "constant pain", we're not surprised to see Ariana has decided to embrace her gorgeous natural curls until public appearances return. Like many of us making the switch from jeans to joggers, Ariana's removed the metaphorical underwired bra and slipped into something far comfier – certainly a life choice we can relate to. 


The first cut is the deepest

If there’s any look that signifies the wild ride that has been staying at home, it’s most definitely the DIY haircut. Nothing says boredom/sheer panic like reaching for the clippers, and it’s no exception for celebs. From booze-fuelled fringes to buzzcuts and pixie crops, we’ve seen it all… and that’s just from the men. If the likes of David Beckham and Taron Egerton have got in on the action, you know it’s a thing


Known for her long, blonde locks, Little Mix's Perrie decided to switch things up with an at-home bob after just a mere few weeks of staying at home. In the caption she says: "Perrie isn’t here right now. She’s lost her F***ING mind during isolation". Though this is one of the more long-lasting lockdown styles we've seen, I'm sure we've all made some questionable decisions in the past couple of months – though having that extra bar of chocolate is probably still less dramatic than cutting inches from your hair.


Never one to fear a style switch up, Miley has used her time at home to gradually go for shorter and shorter strands. With the help of her mum and some advice from her usual hairstylist Sally Hershberger, the singer is now rocking a blonde pixie crop with a choppy fringe to boot. Has this style got staying power once her regular hair appointments resume? The beanie hat she has been wearing on Instagram posts suggests maybe not!


Bella got bangs! Nothing causes a stir on social media quite like a supermodel dropping a new hairstyle, albeit barely-there-bangs which she has since been able to swiftly sweep away from her face. Maybe she binge-watched Normal People and the 'fringemania' got to her too? After all, she's only human...


When the time comes to trim, it's often down to a brave family member or friend to do the honours, as Ellen DeGeneres proved when taking the clippers to her mum's strands. A special treat for her 90th birthday, I'm sure this is one present she won't forget in a hurry. We'd suggest sticking to flowers and postal bakes for any upcoming birthdays FYI... 


Of all the times to attempt to cut your own hair, doing so after a few too many cocktails probably isn't the best... unless you're P!NK. In an Instagram video posted to her account, the singer lifted her knit cap to reveal her uneven DIY trim. P!NK's husband, Carey Hart, has also joined in on the DIY 'do action, after getting a buzzcut from their eight-year-old daughter. Hairdressers please avert your eyes...



If it's good enough for Brand Beckham, then the buzzcut must be good enough for everyone... right? An honourable mention must go to all the males out there who entered a brave new world of battling to buy clippers during a pandemic. Special thanks should also be given to the family who have been roped into helping with the DIY trim – we promise you, it will grow back.