The 5 Colour Trends Taking over Instagram NOW!

Searching for a new shade for summer? Discover the latest colour trends worthy of a double tap

From babylights to balayage, Insta is full of incredible colour transformations to inspire even the most colour-phobic to switch up their shade for the new season. With so many new looks posted on the daily, it can be hard to know where to start! Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the top five colours trends on the social sphere for the season ahead. If you need a little confidence boost, our latest Salon Solved It will give you all the colour courage your need!

Get Ghosted

Forget getting ghosted when it comes to dating; the ghosted hair technique is tonnes more enjoyable! “Unlike other platinum hues, this shade gives wisps and glints of cold graphite, steel, iridescent quartz and oyster hidden internally in the hair,” says advocate colourist at Josh Wood Colour, Jason Hogan. Though the technique works for most hair colours, it’s best suited for someone who is a dark-blonde to begin with, as the process to lift the hair to light blonde is a lot gentler on hair, meaning the regrowth is softer. The trend is also great for those with straight hair, as the colour hides internally and then ‘ghosts’ as the hair moves. 

Peachy Keen

Created by celebrity colourist Chad Kenyon, he describes the shade as “a soft, subtle, scrumptious ombre effect for red hair”. Originally, the term came to life after his client Sydney requested some richer tones to switch up her usual gold and copper-tinted red. He told US beauty bible Allure that he had been asked to “richen up her hair colour once again with warm golds and coppers, but this time I first painted vanilla bean ice-creamy blonde dimension throughout her hair by balayaging and strobing”.

Touch of Texture

If you’re looking for greater depth and dimension from your colour, this is the technique to try next time you visit the salon! “Textural highlighting gives a much more pronounced highlight and variation in the hair, which gives a wonderful contrast against your natural base colour without looking stripy,” says Jason Hogan. “The beauty of the technique is that it can be used across any colour of hair to really put in dimension and to give wonderful shade on shade effect, while really making reds and coppers sing.”

Highlighter Hair

Are you looking to make a statement? Well, the unlikely inspiration can be found in your pencil case! “We are starting to see the highlighter hair trend return, but this time with even more colours from the spectrum,” explains Janet Maitland, of Janet Maitland Hair Excellence. “Inspired by the vivid hues worn by the likes of Kylie Jenner, this season the must-have trend will be for bright hair that allows the wearer to express themselves.”

Golden Sands

This kind of blonde is all about looking healthy, bringing a brightness to both the hair and skin. Krysia Eddery, owner of Perfectly Posh Hair Design, says that this trend enhances the hair rather than completely changing it. “Soft face-framing hues made up of golden flecks and caramel tones is a popular option,” she explains. Rich and warm without being too heavy in tone, it’s a greater option if you have a fairer complexion and are flirting with the idea of copper.