The 3 gym hairstyles you need to know about

NEWSFLASH: we’re all meant to be going to the gym more than we probably are. Yawn. However, it has to be done so to make it a bit more exciting why not make it the perfect excuse to show off a new style. We asked Sean Paul, stylist at Hershesons about the styles we should be sporting when sporting.

Workout hair waves
Yoga Bunny Relaxed Plaited Waves
“Pre or post workout, damp hair down ands spritz with a salt spray. Next, part the hair in two and create two big plaits. Then wrap the plaits into a bun, securing with Beauty To Go Mini Clips. When dry, un-clip and run fingers through hair to loosen up into gentle waves.”
The Spinning Pony
“Gather the hair into your hands and tilt your chin upwards to get a high ponytail. Work your hands through the hair to ensure there are no kinks and secure with a strong, snag-free hair band. This is the perfect style for high intensity exercise as your hair will not budge.”
workout pony
workout bun
The HIIT No-Budge Bun
“For a lunchtime workout, simply part the hair and pull it back securing it into a pony at the crown. Separate the hair in two and twist round into buns securing with grips. Spritz the root with dry shampoo before heading back to your desk.”